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5 tips for closing a sale on SaleHoo

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Are you already a verified supplier of SaleHoo? SaleHoo may just be one of your sales channels however with over 100,000 members looking for potential suppliers, there is a high chance you will land on a sale with one of our members.

To help you achieve this, here are 5 helpful tips for closing a sale in SaleHoo using the forum:

Tip #1. Write catchy topic titles.

Be short and sweet. Keep your titles accurate and cohesive to its content. The title will serve as a summary of your post. You can put adjectives and numbers (i.e. Brandnew kids' clothing - 10% off discounts on dropshipping) More importantly, please follow the Products For Sale updated forum Link hidden: Login to view for posting titles.

Tip #2. Back up features with benefits in your content.

You usually advertise your features in your titles so be sure to justify it with the benefits of getting your product. Your content should be inviting enough for prospect customers to look at your page or contact you for more information. Keep away from clutter and unnecessary spacing and characters. Keep it simple, direct to the point, and pleasant to the eyes of your reader.

Tip #3. Use clear and quality images

Submit and use clear, good quality photos. Make sure the colors pop out and the size is just right (not too big nor too small). You can include photos of the details of your designs or any special feature of the product.

Tip #4. Include contact details

One of the tedious thing to do in online research is to find the correct contact details. You can include in your post the direct contact details where customers can easily reach you and get a response from you.

Tip #5. Do watch out for newbies posting on the forum and contact them

Scan through the forum from time to time and you will see newbies/members posts asking for advice or recommendations, you can reply to their post or simply send them a private message. However, be cautious to avoid spamming any member.

Hopefully these 5 ways can help level up your forum posts!

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