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Australianhealthstop.com now offers dropshipping

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4 Jul 17 03:18:48 am
Hi everyone, we're a vitamin and skin care supplier and we've just created a dropshipping program. While we joined Saleshoo a few months ago, we haven't edited out listing since we joined so we didn't have a link to our website: Link hidden: Login to view

Why we started this program : we love entrepreneurship, it's in our blood! Dropshipping promotes entrepreneurship with minimal risk. We want to promote entrepreneurship because we believe it's noble and life changing. Anyone with the will can do it.

This is a family business, the owners started it from the ground up. One of the owners has been in business since she was 13 selling at her local market. She's also illiterate but has always had a head for business. Her father along with her grandmother built businesses after her grandfather past away leaving her grandmother a widow with a large debt and 3 children to feed. Her father being the oldest used to travel with her grandmother as a young boy through the jungles of Cambodia purchasing precious stones and selling them for profit in the big city. They later ventured in agriculture and logging building a very successful portfolio of business until the Cambodian revolution. Despite losing everything and becoming refugees, business has always been the vehicle that she has pursued along with her entire family. It's challenging and deeply rewarding. While dropshipping isn't really commercially rewarding for an established company, we're passionate about supporting entrepreneurs at minimal risk so here we are. Thanks for reading :)


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