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How to get rid of shadows when taking pictures?

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20 Nov 11 07:19:20 am
So I followed all the steps for how to make a Photography Lightbox from this link: Link hidden: Login to view
and I got everything set up just fine and the pictures look really good but theres still a shadow that I cant seem to get rid of, any tips on how to get rid of the shadow? Thanks

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20 Nov 11 09:57:18 pm
That's in the lighting itself, you need to counter with more light where the problem area is. For example, if you have a shadow at the back of your image, you can use back lighting to counter, even flooding the area with top lighting could also be used to balance out your lightbox.

Mark (fudjj)

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21 Nov 11 04:05:54 am
Hi babydoll85,

I'm not a pro when it comes to taking pictures so I tried searching for suggestions from those with more experience :) Here's one you might find helpful -

To eliminate shadows, the light needs to be "diffuse"...it can not be "hard light". Diffuse light is coming from multiple directions and it is "scrambled". Hard light is coming from one direction, and is mostly aligned in its direction of travel. The BIGGER the source of light is, the more likely it is to be diffuse. Soooooo, you need something to act as a diffuser...like a large sheet of tracing paper, or an old, very thin, worn out white t-shirt stretched on a frame, as a "diffusing panel" or "diffusing frame". You can also use window screens, which cause the light to come from many,many,many slightly different directions,and prevent the light from coming from one,single, specific point of origin.

And for a few more tips please visit this link,

Link hidden: Login to view

Cheers :)


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