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LePet dog car seat covers - don’t leave home without them

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19 Sep 16 06:24:49 am
LEPET dog car seat covers-don’t leave home without them

One thing you should take into consideration when traveling with dogs it’s that you need to be ready for just about anything. Let’s face it – dogs are messy and they tend to get into things!

Take a moment and think about how much dog hair and endure will be left in your car after a quick trip to the park or vet.

Now imagine the messes you will encounter after spending some serious time in the car – where your dog will potentially be eating, sleeping and playing.
Luckily we have the perfect solution to protect your car clear on any road trip with your dog.

Before introducing the product, I would like to show you my companion LEPET company a professional pet auto seat cover manufacturer(Link hidden: Login to view) which I have cooperating with for many year.

We have using their dog car seat cover for a year and simply could not be happier.
When it came to travel with our dog ,we knew there was no way that we would be traveling without them!

We reached out to see if LEPET was interested in becoming our official pet car seat cover manufacturer (Link hidden: Login to view)and we could not wait to get them on board.

After a one month negotiation ,we finally chose three best selling dog car seat covers.

Front dog car seat cover(Link hidden: Login to view)

Rear dog car seat cover(Link hidden: Login to view)

Rear quilted dog car seat cover.(Link hidden: Login to view)

LEPET company is professional in pet auto seat cover wholesale.(Link hidden: Login to view)
I think we will have a long and firm corporation.

LePetco OEM/ODM manufacturer of dog&pet products wholesale supplier,looking for worldwide partners and wholesalers. More details please check:Link hidden: Login to view


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