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Resellers Wanted - Drop Shipping available Australia Wide

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24 Feb 18 12:27:48 pm
Gem Candles product range covers Adults - Men & Women, Babies & Children and Pets. Our products can suit a wide variety of businesses.

We offer Wholesale and Drop Shipping [at wholesale prices] so you can add our products to your current range WITHOUT ANY RISK!
Our Drop Shipping FAQ’s are on this link CLICK HERE -> Link hidden: Login to view

You can apply for drop shipping on this link - Link hidden: Login to view
You can apply for wholesale on this link - Link hidden: Login to view

** Please note drop shipping is within Australia Only. **
You can be based anywhere in the world to take part in our drop shipping program, however we will only ship to Australian addresses. If you need shipping worldwide, then you should apply for wholesale, however this means you will need to buy bulk stock.

Jewellery In Candles can be a great addition to any current product range PLUS Gem Candles are a complimentary candle product to any other candle stock you may have.

Finally, there is a candle that offers more! It’s Not Just A Candle, It’s An EXPERIENCE!

Gem Candles deliver amazing products to create a new candle experience for your customers. Beautifully packaged to attract attention and luxurious for your customers to keep coming back for more. Stock 1 product; sell/promote in different areas of your retail/online store as different products.

Gem Candles is a manufacturer of soy/massage/moisturising/body balm candles. Our large candles also contain jewellery for the added surprise and value.
We also offer for wholesale or drop shipping:
-- Vibrating massage gloves – great for adults, babies/pregnancy and pets
-- Himalayan Salt Lamps – 2-3kg size
-- Travel Pack Candles – 2 smaller soy/massage/moisturising/body balm candles convenient for travelling or just those wanting a smaller candle
-- Tea Light Candles – 2 square tea light candles available as soy/massage/moisturising/body balm candles
-- Exfoliating Towels – For use all over the body. Excellent for Beauty Salons and Spray Tanning.
-- ALL NEW – Sprinkle Candles – DIY candles ages 5+ no melting, no mixing, make a candle in less than 60 seconds! See how they work here ➡ ➡ Link hidden: Login to view CANDLE KITS -- you can make your own branded candles for resale. Print your own labels for your own hand made candles!

Gem Candles are Australian Made & Owned, Vegan, Environmentally friendly & Body Safe.

Gem Candles signature product is a “5 in 1” Australian made candle that is vegan and body safe – as well as revealing a mystery piece of jewellery.
1. It’s a soy based candle made with top quality beauty ingredients.
2. It’s a moisturising candle – we have a unique formula that also contains top quality beauty ingredients to be body safe.
3. It’s a massage candle. Firm enough to be used as a candle, yet melts at a very low temperature for the body.
4. It’s a body balm – can be applied cold on the body and rubbed in like any other creams or lotions.
5. BLING inside every large candle. Revealing a mystery piece of jewellery inside that can be worth anything from $10 up to $5000 in value.

Some points about Gem Candles Wholesale and Drop Shipping are below.

-- We are reliable; always have stock - because you are buying direct from the manufacturer not a wholesaler.
-- We blind ship - do not include our business details, fast shipping - we ask 1-3 business days with most orders sent next business day. [Dropshipping only is blind shipped. No Gem Candles invoices etc]
-- We are Australian Owned & Made - Started in 2011 so not a new company - established and able to supply.
-- Drop shipping product prices are the same as wholesale product prices - means larger profit for you! No buying from a wholesaler at a higher price.
-- Easy ordering - we have designated drop shipping and wholesale websites for you to place your orders as soon as you receive them with tracking information provided for you to pass onto your customers.
-- Access to our retailers media kit with all images and product descriptions and permissions to use information from our social media as well if needed.

Enjoy Drop Shipping with No risk- High potential!

Application is FREE and you will receive an automated email with prices and access to all the images and business information immediately. Make sure you check your emails and spam folders for the email after you apply.

You can apply for drop shipping on this link - Link hidden: Login to view
You can apply for wholesale on this link - Link hidden: Login to view

Pricing, images and other business information is only available after applying for an account. This information is not given to the general public or via general inquiries and only to approved account holders.

If you are selling to the international customer, you will have to apply for wholesale and handle your own customer orders. ** Drop shipping orders are only available for shipping within Australia. **

If there is anything else I could assist you with, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards,
Gem Candles Team

Visit our WEBSITE Link hidden: Login to view
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Smell The Aroma. See The Jewellery, Enjoy The Massage!
Gem Candles are not just a candle, it’s an ~EXPERIENCE~
$10 - $5000 item of jewellery value inside every large candle.
The candle that gives more than light. 3 senses in one, sight, smell and touch with a flickering wick and gorgeous jewellery, a soft sensual aroma and the touch with a massage.

Search Suppliers for Gem Candles
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Jewellery In Candles, Vibrating Massage Gloves, Exfoliating Towels, Salt Lamps, Candle Making Kits -> Link hidden: Login to view


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