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The top popular pet products in summer you need to know

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24 Jun 16 02:10:47 am
First of all, below is some methods to find potential best sellers in summer.

1.You can search on the Google directly, such as “the best sellers of pet accreeories in hot summer?” “the most popular dog products for camping and traveling“and check every worthy article or post.

2.You can check the webs of retailing giants in pet products for the new listings. such as Petsmart,pet360,petco,chewy and so on.

3.You can just refer the listings on Amazon. For example,when you click one product with the label “best seller”in bulabula, you will see a list of best sellers in this catalogue.

4.And at last, you can summary the information and focus on the chosen items.

5. For example, i summary the best sellers of pet accreeories in hot summer

The first one: Re-useable self-cooling nontoxic dog cooling pad pet cool gel mat, rough sales volume on Amazon is 72000 pcs per year. and on one will buy a cooling mat for their pets in winter unless he living on equator.
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The second one: elevated cooling dog bed pet camping cot, rough sales volume on Amazon is 188000 pcs per year. for the total volume is higher than cooling mat, but the sale period is one whole year. So it is the second one.
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The third one: Dog Cat Swimming Pool, rough sales volume on Amazon is 15200 pcs per year. which is rising sharply recently.

The fourth one: Pet Grooming Brush to shed the redundant fur of your pets, making them cooler and happlier in hot summer.Rough sales volume on Amazon is 567000 pcs per year. which including many kinds of brushs and combs

The fifth one: Foldable water bowl for dogs. this product is designed for people who loving sports and their dogs and enables dogs have cool,fresh water when they are in hot sunshine outsides. Rough sales volume on Amazon is 55500 pcs per year.

After you find the potental best seller of your Amazon store in hot summer, you must want to find a manufacturer supplier.

Trust me, 90% of the manufacturer supplier about best sellers on Amazon in pet product catalogue( i am in this catalogue, so i know it) in located in CHINA. The OEM manufacturers of brands in cooling gel mat, such as the green pet shop and hugs , are located in south of CHINA foe 200%.

LePetco OEM/ODM manufacturer of dog&pet products wholesale supplier,looking for worldwide partners and wholesalers. More details please check:Link hidden: Login to view


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