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Branding: Building Customer Loyalty

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18 Apr 16 12:43:37 pm
When you shop in your local grocery store, there may be some brands that you don't feel any connection with.

On the other hand, you might be really passionate about other brands. For example, perhaps you drink only a certain brand of coffee, cook with a particular brand of olive oil, or use a certain brand of cell phone because, perhaps subconsciously, these products help to define "who you are."

If you're in marketing, then you'll know how important it is that your brand speaks to your customers on an emotional level. When someone feels a strong positive emotional tie with a product, that emotion creates brand loyalty, and this inspires repeat purchase.

You can use the metaphor of a journey to describe how customers move from just knowing about your brand to feeling loyal to it. So, how do you know where your customers are on this journey, and how do you encourage them along it? Do most of your customers just recognize your brand and drop it as soon as competitors put similar products on sale? Or, does your brand create a sense of personal identity and loyalty with your customers?

The "Brand Pyramid" is a useful tool that can help you identify where your customers are on this journey to loyalty. In this article, we'll explore how you can use it to increase people's loyalty to your brand, product, or organization.

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