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Data Feed - How to import the product information?

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2 Mar 12 04:45:59 am
Please can someone tell me how data feeds looks once uploaded onto a website? I have 2 seperate data feeds each with 500 products or so, do they just go onto your website, does this mean you would have to add 100 pictures by hand!? People say this is easier but I dont really get it I guess. Still trying to figure out how to import it as isnt working but after I figure this out just wondering how it goes up on your site.......thanks for any insight....obviously I am new lol.

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2 Mar 12 06:22:24 am
Hi kirsty1980,

Generally, “data feed” is used to refer to a mechanism that allows users to receive “updated” data from data sources. In my understanding, this is being used to export your products to product search and affiliates sites such as Google Product Search, Linkshare, comission junction, etc It is something like an RSS and is different from the CSV product file that we use to import products in our SaleHoo Store.

As mentioned, the SaleHoo Stores has an import function that you can use to bulk upload products in a CSV file or comma-separated values (CSV) file. This stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form. There's a sample csv file format that needs to be followed Link hidden: Login to view for it to work, and yes, using this import function will upload the products in the store without having to add each of them manually.

The appearance of the product list depends on the data that was created (eg if CSV or XML). Can you provide the URL so we can check it for you? I also would like to share with you this video: Link hidden: Login to view




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