eBay Strike?????

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11 Feb 08 05:47:00 am
Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has caught wind of this. I received an email today from my sister of a post she found on some blog somewhere. It is extremly legnthy and that's why I didn't just paste it on here. The jist of it is that from Feb 18th through Feb 25th sellers and buyers are banding together and will not be doing any listing, buying, or selling in response to the new ebay policy changes found here Link hidden: Login to view
They do suck and can possibly be extremly bad for sellers out there!

Just curious if anyone else has heard this and what other people think.

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11 Feb 08 11:25:28 pm
I think that is a great idea but the only problem is getting the word out to everyone. There are tons of eBay members that do not have a clue to what is going on. Spread the word! Email everyone you know!!


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