Frustration over selling authentic items on eBay

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27 Oct 06 04:21:18 am
I've been spending a lot of time doing research on many of the companies that I've found in Salehoo. Unfortunately, many of these companies either do not respond to emails, or if they do, they do not answer pertinent questions; or after many exchanged emails I find out that the products are NOT authentic (I am mainly interested in designer jeans and handbags); or they will not accept credit cards or Paypal; or I find a company I am interested in, but they are wishy-washy as to whether or not products are authentic; or I read other Salehoo subscribers stories about companies that either sale fake merchandise or who take their money and do not supply the goods. This is extremely frustrating! There are soooo many dishonest people in the world! I did not expect to join Salehoo and immediately find lots of authentic wholesale suppliers at rock bottom prices. I am not that naive! However, it's very frustrating, as I do see fake jeans on ebay that are being represented as authentic and sold to unsuspecting buyers. I want to sell authentic, but they just aren't out there at a reasonable price. Of the legitimate sellers I've found for designer jeans, prices are pretty much retail. I've found a few legitimate leads, but it's becoming difficult to have faith in finding authentic goods for a decent price that I could profit on with Ebay. Sorry to be a downer, but this is just what I've discovered after months of research. :(

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27 Oct 06 07:49:30 am

You know what ... Its wasn't all about Marcia, and its not all about Ebay. Those that sell on Ebay as Powersellers Have thousands of dollars to invest in merchandise. Their large orders grant them huge discounts.

If you are expecting to be able to go head to head with those that sell on Ebay you have a huge uphill battle. As you have already noted, there are TONS of knock offs online. So think about it. As a consumer, most of whom are well aware that the merchandise is a knock off ... Are you going to buy Authentic, or buy good knock offs for a thrid of the price?

Know that we got that out of the way you have got 2 choices:

1) Pony up the cash and purchase a large order and undercut the other Ebay Sellers

2) THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!! There ARE other places to sell besides Ebay.

*Last I remember Salehoo billed itself as bringing together wholesalers (Granted, many are middle men). What they didnt say was 'HEY! Come join and we can make you $$$ Selling on EBay.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks!

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27 Oct 06 06:01:57 pm
Okay, uofaguy, you don't have to get so testy! :wink: Ha ha..

I hear what you are saying, and I am actually willing to spend a chunk of change on authentic jeans, but finding them is the problem. I still stand by what I say, but I will continue to search..
I'm not blaming Salehoo; what I'm saying is that it is frustrating to search the wholesaler listings provided and find so many who offer poor or no customer service and/or fake merchandise. As I said, I am not naive and didn't expect to join and immediatelly have the money rolling in, but just a few legitimate leads.

As for Ebay, you are right, there are other places to sell. I've checked Overstock auctions, and it's amazing how many fake True Religions and Coach purses are there! The auctions don't receive the notice that Ebay does, but if I have authentic goods it may be worth a try. I've checked other auctions as well; it just seems Ebay has the most visability throughout the world. I know with that is the fact that it is also saturated with thousands of sellers, many of whom are power sellers and are hard to compete with.

Anyway, my search continues!


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30 Oct 06 05:14:48 pm
Most of the people have been there for years. They have good ties with several large companies. Most of them specialize in just a few products and have several suppliers. I reccomend that others do the same. Stay away from the fads but have current goods in the selected field. The wholesale sites are good but it does take awhile. SOmetimes outside sources are good also. Its a good duide and it takes time. At least you can see what are wholesale prices and what arent. SOmetimes you have to call the company to negotiate better prices.


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