How to accept 1p/1cent online....

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30 May 06 01:16:10 pm
Does anyone how I can accept payments online for 1p or 1cent?

I'm trying to set a service up where I will charge 1p at a time, only, if I use paypal or nochex they will take the payment off me as the transaction service charge.

Is there a way around this or is my idea doomed before it even leaves the ground?



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30 May 06 01:20:51 pm
The only way I can think of to only accept a penny at a time is to have people send you a penny through the mail.

There isn't a way to collect only one cent from people any other way that I know of. Sorry.

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30 May 06 09:29:53 pm
you may be able to let them pay it by credit card. just go to and sign up, verify everything and buy a visa thats
a 1 time charge of, i think $25. hope this helps

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31 May 06 11:50:46 am
Hmmm.. As far as i know, there is no service that offers free money transfers (even for 1p) so possibly mail is the only way :(


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