How to Manage eBay Price from Amazon

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25 Mar 15 07:52:41 am
I see a few ebay seller with max feedback (hundred thousand something). They have more than ten thousand items on their ebay store. Then I check their items, almost 99% items come from amazon, but their price on ebay is a little higher. They still gain profit for each item after ebay and paypal fee is around from $0.25 to $1 or $2 whatever .

How come they can manage all of ten thousand items ?

If amazon change the price, how do they know and change it in their ebay price?

Is there any software or app for this?

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4 Apr 15 08:55:25 pm
Mmmm, that's one I have no idea about I'm afraid. Certainly wouldn't surprise me if there were platform available, might be worth throwing some key words into captain Google and seeing what comes up.


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6 Apr 15 02:50:19 pm
There is this web site called DS Domination. They are people who post products on ebay from amazon. They mark up the price and then have it drop shipped to who ever buys it. There is an app. that they have that keeps track of price change on Amazon and will change their price on ebay so the profit stays the same. Personally I would rather send Amazon or my customer from Amazon the product. I still have the lowest price and keep the price real

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8 Apr 15 07:17:20 am
Oh it is really amazing. I never know about that app.


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