Looking for a dropshipper that requires resale certificate

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17 Jan 08 09:17:48 pm
Does anyone know of any good dropshipper's out there that require a resale certificate to use them? I'd prefer they be in the U.S. I currently am using DSDI and really like the prices and products they offer, I haven't seen any other dropshipper come close to what they offer. So, I figure that if a dropshipper requires a resale certificate they must have better prices.

I know buying wholesale is the way to go when selling, I just dont have the money yet to buy in bulk so I'm ok with not making as much profit at the moment.

I'm looking for dropshippers that have any items for housewares, sporting goods, and clothing.

Thank you for the help!

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25 Jan 08 04:48:32 pm
That would be a godsend if the wholesalers and drop shippers would all require Tax Id numbers. Like you said there are only a couple that I have dealt with that require them. DOBA is one that does I am pretty sure. and the one that you use. At least then it would open up a more fare playing field. I would love to find more as well.

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25 Jan 08 11:54:37 pm
Too, you can always ask if a particular wholesaler or dealer will dropship for you. Not everyone who is in the business list this on their website or company info, but you'd be surprized at how many will provide that service if you just ask...


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