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SaleHoo Store email: How do you get in forwarded to Yahoo or Gmail?

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14 Oct 11 05:02:27 am
Like ebay, when customer bought something, it will go to our email.

How does it work with sale hoo store?

why do you have to have xxx@yourdomainname.com?

need help forwarding, so I can receive email from yahoo.

I was able to set up a gmail account to forward to my yahoo account, but when I tried to add that email, it was rejected..

confused. help

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14 Oct 11 08:53:33 am
Hi breezy808,

The SaleHoo Store can be set to a personal email address of the owners choice - for ex. myname@yahoo.com, which can be set in the store setting, configuration. Log in to your store's Admin site, and go to Settings, Store Settings, Configuration. Fill out the email address in the upper part of the page (just tick on default).

Then if you want to use a "sales@domainname" address that will forward messages to this personal email address, you to need to create a 'mailbox' first. To do this, log on to your SaleHoo account and go to Link hidden: Login to view

Please make sure that you are logged in to your SaleHoo account when you access the link Link hidden: Login to view (otherwise you will be directed to the sales page for stores)

In this page, the email address accepted is always using format
yourrchosenword@domainname.com For example, sales@discountedonline.com Note that when you create this domain name there will be a password for you to set below it. Take note of the password that you have set, and the email address for this mailbox.

Then for it to forward to the personal email address set in the store, you need to set it up with email client, using instructions here - Link hidden: Login to view That's the part where you go to Squirrelmail or your chosen email client, and the email address plus password that you need to supply will be the one you have set above/when you created your mailbox.

Again, you will have to use the same details set when you created your mailbox if you would like to configure your email address into an email client such as MS Outlook or Thunderbird. As I have mentioned, other details needed to configure the email client is displayed on this FAQ page:

Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps. :)


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17 Oct 11 09:43:28 am
Hi again breezy808.

Sorry, my senior manager just pointed out these issues and I stand corrected,

1. Although you may set your personal email address as the email address in the "Store Configuration" this is not advised because this will expose your personal email address. For example, when a customer signs up the store, the welcome email that the customer will receive will appear to come from the seller's personal email address. If the seller is comfortable with this setup, then that's fine, but it will be more professional looking if the welcome email (as well as other store notifications) will be coming from something like sales@domainname.com.

2. There is a forwarding option in Outlook, but then you will still have to create a filter, and the email will be forwarded only when you access outlook.
Currently mailboxes hosted in Salehoo Stores do not have forwarding option (yet). If ever member will use the email address "sales@domainname.com" as the store's admin email, he needs to login to this mailbox from time to time and check the messages there. Any message being sent to this address will not be forwarded to the personal email address.

For further questions kindly send them to us at support@salehoo.com.




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