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Setting shipping costs and sales taxes

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13 Apr 13 04:38:33 am
I have had difficulty in my SaleHoo Store setting shipping costs. I can set a flat rate which applies to all my products, but would be too much for some products and too little for others. Or I try to set a "per item" rate but get $0.00 as my only option.

Also, when I try to mark something as taxable goods the site sets taxes to Alabama. How can I set taxes to my own state rates, and only for residents here?

If anyone else has had these problems I would appreciate your help.


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15 Apr 13 04:20:14 am
Hello and welcome to SaleHoo, Robert :)

You can set different Shipping Options at Settings/ Store Settings/ Shipping, "Add New".

Please also note that shipping rates in the SaleHoo Stores can be set only by the buyers' location and not on the weight/product.

In the SaleHoo Stores, before setting any tax rates, and shipping rates, we need to configure the Geographic Settings, specifically the Geo Zones of the buyers for the store. In simplest terms, through the Geo Zones, you are going to create zones - country /state (or all zone) in your store, so that when a customer buys from your store, when they check out, they will define their region/delivery address, and based on their location they will be charged with the tax rate or shipping rate that you have set for such state or country. :) We cannot set any shipping rate or tax rate until we have defined a zone to tag that rate to. For example if you are in the USA, you may need to collect sales tax on sales made to buyers in your state. So if you are selling to buyers in Ohio, and you live in Ohio, then you will need to collect sales tax, and you will need to create a Tax class for that. If your buyer lives outside of Ohio, then you won't need to collect Sales Tax and you also need to create a Tax Class for that scenario. To configure the Geo Zones, go to Settings, Geographic Settings, Geo Zones Link hidden: Login to view

Similarly, once you have set the Geo Zones, you can set the shipping rates. Go to Settings, Store Settings, then Shipping. You can Add New, to set a new shipping rate, put 'Title' for the shipping rate (just for you to identify what it is, ex. Within USA, or Japan, etc).
Select the type of shipping - Per Item means the rate will be multiplied per product item purchased, Flat rate means the rate covers the entire order (which obviously should work for small items than big items), and then Free shipping. :) I- Link hidden: Login to view

To update your tax rate and State, kindly login to your store's admin site and go to Settings > Geographic Settings > Tax Class

1. Click on 'Taxable Goods'
2. Click the dropdown box to the right of 'Customers in the' and select 'Define new region'
3. In the pop-up box, fill in * Name: (State), within the United States and click on the '+ Add this location' button for This region includes the following specific locations: You can then select your country United States and your state ().
4. Click save.

You should now see the region '(State), within United States', so add the tax rate and you call call this as the '(State) State Sales Tax'. Once done click on Save.

Hope this helps! Please let us know how you get on.


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