SSL Certificates on SaleHoo Stores - Support needed

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11 Sep 14 04:39:16 am
I need voter support for our Salehoo stores. I recently found out that Google gives websites higher page rank if they have an SSL certificate. (The locked padlock that you see on some websites.) This assures customers that their transactions are safe and secure, and it gives your website more credibility, thous higher page rank on the search results. After investing some money on Google Adwords for my ad campaigns I learned that I wasn't getting enough exposure due to the fact that my ad did not come up on the first nor the first few pages of the search results. Thous far I have not gotten any buyers and I have a bounce rate of 67% and not nearly enough visitors as I would have hoped. A lot of customers only like to buy products from sites that they feel that they can trust. Now I'm not saying that, that is the only reason for my lack of sales. I probably need to create more backlinks and create more exposure to my site in various different ways like social media for example, among other things. But anything that can help your store and mine have better SEO results, higher page rank which will lead to more sales on our stores is beneficial. I recently bought an SSL certificate and I found out that the server that Salehoo is using doesn't support dedicated SSL and that they have SSL enabled at the back end of the store but not on the front end. The front end is what your customers see and this is where your votes come in, they told me that the only way they could enable SSL for the front end is if they gather enough votes for them to enable it. So isn't getting more sales traffic to your store worth your vote? Vote on it now so that we all can start making more money.

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Juan Gonzalez

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11 Sep 14 07:21:15 am
Hi Juan, I'll pass on your concern to the tech team for their consideration of your idea.

Mark (fudjj)

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