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This website sucks.

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19 Dec 09 03:15:20 am
Enough said.

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19 Dec 09 03:43:43 am
Hi Maxpower301,

We would appreciate any further details on this. Any feedback you have will be gratefully received. We are working hard to provide the best customer support and if in any way, you are dissatisfied with our service, please don't hesitate to contact us at Link hidden: Login to view and we will do our best to help you out.

All the best,

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19 Dec 09 03:29:36 pm
Ouch, that's a pretty harsh general statement without explanation. In order to be helpful and CONSTRUCTIVE, it is usually helpful to provide some type of explanation to help those in charge and those using the forums. That is the only way it is helpful to anyone. Otherwise, it is just b....ing, and that does not help anyone including the dissatisfied person doing the b.....ing.

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21 Dec 09 07:09:33 am
I agree with bizhope. I'm sure your point went straight across the board but then again we can't do anything to help you out unless you provide us with a detail or two as to why you feel this way about SaleHoo. We always welcome criticism (nega/positive) and we gladly do our best to help our members out in every way we can.

Happy Holidays :)


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SaleHoo Group Limited
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21 Dec 09 10:38:32 am
When some people get discouraged or don't understand something they will usually respond in this kind of manner.

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22 Dec 09 10:23:28 am
I have nothing to say.
If you think this website sucks, you better explain why. Then we can help you resolve the issue.

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23 Dec 09 02:45:09 am
To the person who posted, 'This web site sucks' - I have to say the age old wise cliche, and that's to 'Invest in yourself if you expect Others to invest in YOU!'

Little boys and girls blame others for their own short comings, whereas, men and woman look to change themselves in order for things to change.

I really would not feel comfortable buying something from you if you have no consideration for the members in this forum by posting such an inane and sophomoric statement.

You suck.

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24 Dec 09 08:23:53 pm

i think he has a point but he shouldn't say it this way.
for a few months im lookig for sources in any field and all there is to see is websites with all kinds of products mixed together that someone bought from a few real sources and is selling them as 'wholesale' with higher prices that you could find in simple Google products search..
i wouldn't be surprised if the owner is salehoo people.
didn't say anything so far but i just had to..
i don't see any ROI here.
sorry .

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25 Dec 09 04:20:33 pm
I can't speak for that person , but in my own dealings with Salehoo ,I have found them to be a little limited in the number of usable , viable drop shippers you can use to make a profit with. But still i'm thankful for the resources that Salehoo provides for a very good price.

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