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18 Sep 07 04:25:10 am
Hi - I just joined today and so far I've found a ton of items to list and try to sell!
I just want to make sure I understand the process.

After you find a dropship or wholesale supplier that has an item you want to sell, you can copy the supplier's picture of the item and part of the listed description to your website or auction site.

Order through and pay the individual supplier - no need to tell them you're with Salehoo - they already know that and their prices are at wholesale cost.

If dropshipping, you hope the item doesn't become out of stock during the 5 to 10 day selling time and that the dropshipper ships quickly.

If you can afford it, it's better to buy in bulk with a wholesaler - That way you have the product and can provide your own quick shipping.

Always be aware of the supplier's shipping cost and return policy and set your selling price accordingly.

As you get better with your product selling, narrow your selections into one or two categories rather than having a broad variety.

Am I on the right track?

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18 Sep 07 05:47:31 am
Hi there - welcome aboard :)

You've got that mostly right, but I'll just clarify a couple of things:

(a) It's a good idea to specifically say you are with Salehoo, the wholesalers don't necessarily know that's how you found them.

(b) You don't have to just hope that the item doesn't go out of stock with a drop shipper - you can be more proactive and contact them weekly by phone or email to check on stock levels. You can also keep a few spares on hand yourself for emergencies.

(c) Sticking to an overall theme is a good idea because it helps create a solid brand. These can be reasonably broad as long as there is an underlying tie - ie. all the products you sell are related to a particular lifestyle e.g. sport, rock'n'roll fan etc.

Good luck & don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help with anything. We also welcome suggestions for blog topics and resources if there is a particular area you would like more info on :)



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