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15 Jun 06 04:51:03 pm
I found AAHandy through this wonderful site. I made two purchases off of them and was really happy with the product and service, even though the shipping took a lot longer than expected. On my third order, I was short one piece. When I brought this to their attention, it seems I woke a sleeping dragon. They thought I was calling them dishonest. I apologized and told them I was simply making them aware of a mistake they had made so that I could be reimbursed. They in turn said I was just trying to get a free unit out of them. THIS OFFENDED ME GREATLY.

I'm sure the missing piece was an honest mistake, but they did not handle the situation well. In the end, they said they would only reimburse me if I placed a new order with them. This is terrible business. They have a good product, but they are to proud to admit they could possibly make a mistake, so BEWARE

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17 Jun 06 05:09:08 am
This is actually kind of funny. During my hassle with the AAhandy company, in wich they shorted me a phone, the rep I was dealing with actually admited he dislikes Americans. They even have an office in Georgia. This guy I'm sure just made an honest mistake in shorting me one phone, but he and his boss are the most arrogant people I have ever dealt with. They claim that they have never made a mistake...........ever. Wow, I wished I was that perfect. :D

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17 Jun 06 06:00:07 am
Get the tracking number of the shipping company for your order. Then check the weight they sent. If the weight is your recieved phones, show it to them that they messed up. If the weight is heavier than your recieved phones, its the Shipper. Hope this helps.



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