Does anyone know if '' is legit?

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23 Sep 07 07:33:10 pm
They have better prices than DHGATE and take PAYPAL.

I am new to this and seems like if you can get beyond the shipping time lag then you can make
much more money selling products on e-bay than
the US dropshipping companies.


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27 Sep 07 06:18:34 am
If they accept Paypal then you can always make a chargeback if things go wrong.

I checked the site out on to see how long they have been around for. The site has only been in existence since August 07, so not long! This doesn't necessarily mean they are fraudulent, but it does mean you should be very careful because they don't have much of a track record.

I'm very doubtful that these are genuine brand names - most likely fakes. The images don't look quite right and most of the text descriptions has been taken from other sites. (Search for a portion of text in Google).

If you want to give this site a go, just place a order for 1 item and pay by Paypal. If all goes wrong you can get your money back.

If everything seems fine, try another order but don't let your guard down. Get the initial product you order checked out to see whether it is genuine. If the products are fakes then there is a good chance they may be seized by Customs.

And finally - yes you can make a lot more money buying in bulk than using drop shipping companies so you are on the right track :)

Good luck!


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27 Sep 07 12:44:50 pm
In my opinion I'd approach them with caution.
As Grace mentioned If you check them with you'll see that they registered their site in August, 2007 for one year.
Also if you ring the phone number you'll get an engaged signal as you'll always do.
They also say that they use paypal but they whack on some ridiculous amount to turn you away from using paypal and encourage to use western union.
That's how I got scammed out of $354.00 from a similar site - Link hidden: Login to view. You can find out all about them if you do a Google search.
Nearly forgot I'd be also cautious if they use Yahoo, Hotmail or any of the free sites they use for their email addresses.

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27 Sep 07 01:38:39 pm
I called this number and I got someone, but they don't speak english only chinese. I only new a few chinese words which suprised them and made them laugh but there was no way I could comunicate with them. It was kind of funny, so if you know someone that knows chinese then call this site and find out. Actually I have a couple of friends that do speak chinese and I will try to call again and see what I get for you. Link hidden: Login to view

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27 Sep 07 02:14:52 pm
It is a scam do not buy from them. My friend called the number and spoke to them and it is a family in china. They shouted at him. Do not buy from this site. If you do I will almost promise you will lose your money. Link hidden: Login to view

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27 Sep 07 11:51:23 pm
COME ONNNN PEOPLE... THINK !!!! This site is the first chapter of scammers101... easy job all the clues are there

1) About us with nice big-company building, when site was made 1 month ago ?
2) @hotmail mail pffff
3) logos of bank of china, visa, all over the place etc...
4) and finally, this is hilarious !!! iPones, mp3 players, desktops, laptops, BIKES and QUADS ????? (quad ad, sounds like an ebay ad and iPhone picture has the name of some dude from ebay from NY)

THIS SITE IS SINGING TO YOU!!! FR ALA LA LA LAAAAUD ! so stop being so cautios, maybe, maybe not.., they are pure scam. If you buy from them and you don't get scammed, i'll buy you that quad

About PayPal, someone was saying... NO, you cannot make a chargeback... You pay the money on PayPal, the next second they go and take it out to their bank, then they give you the run-around for 14 days (or whatever it takes for money to actually get transfered) then they tell you 'suckeeer !!!' and you file for complain. after 20 days of 'investigations', PayPal emails you: 'YESS ! God is with you, my son, glory shall come upon thee, BUT there is no more money in their account so we can't refund you squat, but we can assure you that we will do everything to recuperate, bla bla bla...' 2 years later, they are still 'recuperating' (personal experience)

Orrr, if you pay with credit card, you file a charge back... and then you screw PayPal over because PayPal has to pay you back, (that's the beauty of Visa and MAstercard -any other card will not do it- they don't care: PayPal, Gas station, corner store, everybody has same rules, you paid PayPal, you didn;t get anything, you get your money back), and then PayPal, they shut down your account, because it's not according to one of the chapters in their texas-sized user agreement that EVERYBODY reads thoroughly, especially when they sign up for first time and they go click click. Apparently you ar enot allowed to inflict any damage upon mighty PayPal....

In China if in 5-6 days they did not ship and give you tracking number, just open a dispute, and then do the talking and problem solving, not the other way around, so they don't have time to get their money safe in their bank account. Dispute and ding! money turns around in a flash( a dispute will not block their account or anything, if they claim that) just a claim will.

They have exactly 15 days to ship, after you paid.. If they ship the 16th day, you can open a claim for the transaction even after you received merchandise say that the products you just received were from another transaction, not paid trough PayPal, they will investigate, look at you funny for a few weeks and you get back the money and the product, but don't do that because karma will strike you back.

Also, if they are acting a bit suspicious... For example it's 5th day, they did not ship and you say you changed your mind, you want your money back but they insist to ship the product, don't pick it up from Post Office, chances are, they sent you a rock... PayPal does not care (it sais in the USer Agreement) as long as they have a successful delivery, they don't care whats in the package, could be the Holy Graal, they don't care (again, personal experience)

Oh and somebody said something about fakes and how customs stop them... Not really, DHL FEDEX UPS, etc brokers don't allow them in, but Customs (government aka Post Office) they don;t really care, first of all and second, only a few packages are getting checked in customs about 10% in US, I think Canada was not so lazy, about 14% or something like that... This was on TV a while ago... Maybe they got embarassed and hired more people to check, but I still don't think that more than 50% are being checked.

Again, replying to one of the comments, (this is advanced scamming, scamming201)
just because you order 1 test order of original iPod and you get original iPod, doesn't mean that next time when you order 10 you will get originals, fakes or 10 ;) ... But those punks from that scam site we're talking about right now, are below the level, this types of scammers (201) those are somwhat professionals, scamming being like their second job, not just a hobby.

The good thing about scammers, the samrter they get, the fewer they get as well, which is a good thing... There are trully, less than 1% as smart and patient as the one in the story below.

New iPod Touch, goes on ebay for $400, you get one from China for $200 lets say... Wow, crazy deal... you buy one, and unbelieveable, it is actually real, you sell it on ebay for $300, you just put it there.. poof it's gone in 5 minutes.. You go like 'woow' So you get 5 this time from China... Amazingly, they are also real and they came... Mann, you struck a gold mine... You put them on ebay in 1 hour they are gone.. tHe crowd is waving and yelling in the background: 'more more more !' So you make a simple calculation... and you go like... ok, I sell this much, I get them here in 4-5 days... And you put 300 of them on ebay... You already have 6 feedbacks on the iPod Touch, people still thinking 'how' but they see good feedback and they stop thinking, greed is more powerful than thinking (for everybody)...
So you put 300 of them... In one week, they are all GONE, paid and everything... Now you just have to buy them. Not a big problem... So you pay the supplier 300x200=60K... you got a profit of 30K in 1 week, everything is simply amazing... But then supplier doesnt give any signs of life anymore, you got scammed... He lost about 250x6=1500, made 60k... Thats a nice profit... 1 other fool liek this and this year he's set... And you, you got a graduation for scammer505 and you are eagarly starting police101, fbi101 and many other interesting courses...
(true story, true numbers, difeerent timing:4-5 mo ago,, user name: originalley)


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