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16 Aug 07 05:42:36 pm
Has anyone used to set up an online store and has it worked? For a person that is new to selling on the internet. What might my best options be for setting up an online store. Ineed a design that gives me the flexibility to upload product lines from dropshipers and uploads products that I may have purchased in light bulk or liguadation sales. Any guidance will be appreciated.



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16 Aug 07 08:49:56 pm
Not sure about other options, but we will be releasing an e-commerce shopping cart option over the next few weeks.

We will be running it past the Salehoo staff first, and if they are happy with the site then we will be making some opening specials available to Salehoo members.

I won't leave my email address for further info until Salehoo have sighted it and given the ok, but keep your eyes out, it might be a good solution for you!

Mark (fudjj)

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28 Sep 07 06:02:04 pm
Rob, I can hook you up with a website ( Link hidden: Login to view ) for $2.99/month if you're interested. You'll of course be responsible for purchasing your domain (website address).

Contact me via our website if you're interested. I don't visit Salehoo as much as I should, so sending a message on here may not be a good idea.

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29 Sep 07 10:30:46 am
Before you pay try a free site.

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Test the waters first, My


J Baca

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29 Sep 07 09:36:40 pm
Yeah don't bother paying anything trust me. Make your website for free somewhere and then send virtually everybody to it, until thousands & thousands are going there.

Then do whatever you like but DON'T pay for it at the start nor afterward if you can just do that.


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