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20 Sep 06 01:02:13 pm
I wanted to start selling products online, mainly on Ebay etc., to make enough money to get me by most months.
Whilst looking at many companies a friend of mine gave me a link to a website that sells fairly cheap goods and also offers your own shop.
Since I looked at the website I have brought my own shop from this website and I'm now bringing in a decent amount from selling on these auction sites.
Just thought I'd let you guys know incase there is anyone else who wishes to make some good money.

The website is: Link hidden: Login to view
For your Own Shop go to: Link hidden: Login to view

If your interested I'd give it a go as I did.

Good Luck!

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21 Sep 06 08:53:46 am
I too brought my site from here and im doing ok.
Started off abit slow but it has started to pick up lately and I have started to make my profits now.
Would suggest this to anyone who wants to make some extra cash.

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21 Sep 06 05:25:39 pm

I have been looking at this site for a while. And
I want to know. Is it really worth it? How long it took before you saw a profit? Is the 99.00 a one time charge or yearly fee.


J Baca

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21 Sep 06 08:47:15 pm
As there are 4 different options all at different fees, it all depends on which option you take to how much you have to make back to make a profit.
I chose the option 3 which costs $149.99 and I made that back within the first 2 months.
To be honest with you its not just a simple job to say that you will make loads of profit just like that as it needs alot of time and dedication to advertise your site and get people to visit it.
The good thing is with the website is that you can sell all your products on Ebay and make your profit that way.
I chose to do lots of advertising on traffic websites and free ad sites and with the effort i put in I started making my profits.

As for the fee being either a one off payment or a yearly one, when I brought my site for the fee above, I emailed the customer care people who basically keep the site online and running and asked them the same question and they told me that after you pay the one off fee above, every year you need to pay a fee of $49.99 after which is basically a fee that covers the hosting cost for your website so you can stay online.

It sounds like loads but to think that I made back my one off fee in 2 months plus ive also covered the yearly fee im not overly concerned.

In my eyes it has been a good thing for me and would tell anyone to do it.

Good Luck.

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21 Sep 06 09:03:16 pm
Thank you, I really appreciate your responce, & your honesty...I'll be considering it..


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21 Sep 06 09:13:41 pm
No worries mate. I was just like you and had concerns at first.

Just hope you do well what ever you decide to do.

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22 Sep 06 08:38:12 am
Well explained Peter. I couldn't have said it better myself.

I completely agree with your advice and also think that if you want to make the jump then you should do it.

Go for it everyone.


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