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6 Jan 07 06:20:23 am
I recently signed up with these guys for a FREE Kit which I paid $1.95 for. I noticed 2 months later, they were charging my credit card $65 for ongoing fees (which i knew nothing about).

I also never received the FREE Kit in my email, so this has really bugged me.

On their website they state that if you wish to cancel your account you just email them (I have done this countless times, and have had no response from them, they just keep charging me fees)

I have never logged into my account, as I have no username/password to do so.

They also state on their website that the program may not work for people internationally, however they sell the FREE kit to you anywhere in the world.

What can I do to stop them charging my account??

Any help would be appreciated. I am in Australia.

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6 Jan 07 09:09:47 am
Call your credit card company and let them know. They'll most likely get your money back and stop them from charging it.

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3 Mar 07 12:24:56 pm
OnlineSupplier is a Legitimate dropshipping company that sells in house electronic products.

I had a good experience overall with them, but there was never anyone there in the customer service department.

They are a legitimate ripoff.

Basically because they only stock products that can be shipped in the USA, and they charge $49.99 a month, no one else charges that unless you sign up to be a reseller for a company's goods.

Overall its a good place to make a legitimate business out of reselling warehouse stock, it is NOT a scam, is very secure and normally you receive your whole kit within a week.

But also overall, the profit margins are slim, the customer service is shallow and the company hardly has anything in stock. A 6/10 in my overall view. Legitimate ripoff.


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