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Peter Wright iPod Supplier - Never supplied the goods!

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16 Oct 06 11:45:50 am
I purchased a whole lot of IPOD's off someone who said they were legit, they were also listed on a few wholesale websites.

I found out after sending $2000 to him that he never supplied the goods.

I am currently going through the police to try and recover my money. He will be charged.

I have his bank details, and his email to go off so far, plus all emails to prove that he was in a legal binding contract with me regarding the delivery of these goods.

His name is Peter Wright, if anyone knows him or has dealt with him before I would really appreciate some feedback.

If you know him, or he reads this, I will drop the charges if you pay me back my money.

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7 Nov 06 11:41:13 pm
Do you have anymore information? Website? Email? Address?

Also how did you pay for the goods? If you used your CC try contact the CC company and completely a chargeback against the transaction.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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14 Nov 06 09:48:53 am
I have a bad feeling this was a wire transfer incident :shock:

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15 Nov 06 11:12:25 am
He listed on wholesale4u.com.au, alibaba sites.

His email address was Link hidden: Login to view (no longer works)

It was through Direct Deposit....he gave me his bank details and the police are chasing this up now for me.

They think they will have enough to charge him, however they are not able to get my money back so I will be taking him to court once he is charged to get this back.


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