Wholesale & eBay Forum Supplier Reviews, Complaints and Scams These websites- www.alibaba.com and tradestead.com - Legit?


These websites- www.alibaba.com and tradestead.com - Legit?

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14 Sep 07 08:42:29 am
I just found this Link hidden: Login to view ??????


tradestead.com ???? this one, I recently just added some items to the cart but haven't buy it yet. Anybody experience this website yet??? can you let me know thank :D

anyone know???? :?:

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15 Sep 07 12:16:53 am
I myself have had good luck with several companies that list on alibaba...That being said, I would tell you to stay away from that site..

Sellers pay a fee to be a full member on their so practally anyone can gain good listing status.
From my experience I would say that most of the time you will lose your money and not receive any goods...

Not that I have anything against chinese sellers as I do quite a bit of business with several companies over there. When you find a good one you will get excellent service...However alibaba is wrought with scam sites and companies...

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18 Sep 07 12:14:45 pm
Ya man no joke Alibabna has helped me a lot in Business, one has to be very careful on both of the sites. One has to understand that a lot of the people that are registered on both of the sites are not actually wholesalers. 'Real Wholesalers' are the people that have 'trust pass'. Just be very careful with both of the sites. At least 75% of the wholesalers are from China and scam like crazy.

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19 Sep 07 08:23:24 pm
alibaba is an outstanding website. one of my uncle trading company in china promote their stuff there... you you really need to be a valid bussiness to get in to alibaba because it will cost you around $16000 - 50000 to get the trust pass, if i'm not mistaken.

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19 Sep 07 09:03:22 pm
Hi im from south africa,and use Alibaba.Its currently one of the largest sites around,and can be usefull for large quantity and commodity type products like cement,sugar, steel etc.Just stay away from Nigerian trade...

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20 Sep 07 08:16:19 pm
Yes its an every increasing risk to use sites on alibaba. They dont screen or check out sites that list there. So many people have been defrauded by scammers on that site thats its basically an epidemic. Gives the legitimate companys a bad name.

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