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29 Nov 18 04:19:05 pm
Hi. I was browsing and I found I have two questions:

1. How safe will this provider be for Dropshipping?

2. Is there any reason why you are not on the Salehoo list?

Thank you very much in advance!

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29 Nov 18 08:22:48 pm

When I started out I was offering clothing and other merchandise directly from Chinese manufactures, and from Chinese companies that purchased directly from the manufacturers.

What I quickly learned is that Chinese products are good quality when purchased from a reputable store, anywhere in the world, but when small businesses like ours purchase from them, there is no one to hold them to any quality requirements.

The big retailers buy large samples, and if those samples pass Quality Control, that Retailer will purchase in larger quantity, and will receive good quality products that they can sell.

In my experience, when dropshipping (it's all I did when I started out) to U.S. and Canadian customers the clothing did not meet federal regulations. Nearly every single clothing article I had dropshipped had to be refunded. The reasons for the refunds were:

1) The items were low quality, and often different than the product photos I was given to list the items.
2) Sometime the item would be described as 100% cotton, and the customer would receive Polyester, or even Spandex. Some people are allergic to certain fibers, so I am lucky I did not have to file bankruptcy over those orders.
3. Products would arrive without a Fiber Content Label, which is required by law in some countries.

My recommendation, if you want to sell clothing from Chinese manufacturers, and can't afford to buy in bulk, is to use Google Trends to decide if what you want to sell is popular right now, then buy 5 items of this, 5 items of that, and so on. If they arrive and are non-compliant with your countries requirements for clothing, make a complaint with the seller. I recommend buying on Ali Express, because Ali will refund your money to you, if you clearly cite why the products are unacceptable.

And if you make a complaint with the Seller, be a hard-case from the git-go. Don't offer to pay to return the items. If they want to sell to your country, their items need to be compliant in your country. If they want the items back, they need to pay return shipping.

The best thing to do is to make your requirements clear before you purchase. I did eventually find compliant Chinese Sellers, and they even sent me clear clothing label photos before I purchased the items.

I hope this helps you out.


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