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16 Aug 07 09:42:56 pm
re: this ad about selling ebooks on ebay, or anywhere else for that matter, a little research tells me that ebooks can be had for free on any number of sites easily found on google. why would people pay for what they can get for free? am i missing something here?

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17 Aug 07 09:39:23 pm
The best way, IMHO, to sell ebooks is to:
1. research and find a topic a lot of folks are interested in
2. find out 'how to' do something related to that topic that those people would like to know about
3. write your own unique ebook and explain in detail how to do what they are interested in
4. advertise to that targeted audience
5. charge a fair (ie low) price that will cover your expenses and make a little on each ebook.
6. sell a LOT of the ebooks
7. start working on your next ebook before interest in your current one goes south.
8. when finished with your next one, repeat steps 4 to 7.
That may not be the best way, but it sure beats paying for someone else's info and making nothing.
Hope that helps.

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17 Aug 07 09:44:40 pm
yes, i understand the process, but again, if you can get it for free, and you can, then why pay for it? how is it that someone is (supposedly) making a killing on ebooks when they're FREE.

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18 Aug 07 02:07:44 am
Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, any product, no matter what it is, is worth exactly what that person is willing to pay for it...

Secondly, alot of (actually a very high number) of internet shoppers are impluse buyers..

Put these and a few other factors together, such as a good presentation and you create a motivated buyer..

Have you ever looked in the 'weird' category on ebay, I think its in the 'everything else' heading...You will be amazed at the things that people will pay good money for...I mean come on, a piece of burned toast that looks like it has Elvis's face on one side...gimme a break...50 bucks...

Too, alot of folks just see something that they think they want, so they buy it right then. They don't want to shop around and see if they can get it for free or at a cheaper price, they want it and they want it now...

A good example is just go to the 'informational products>other' in the ebay listings and pick out any listing. Then browse though the auctions for the same product and just take a look at the different prices the people are selling the same item for..

An excellent example is the 'world of warcraft' game guides..a most popular guide is 'thinecon's gold guide'. It lists on some auctions for as little as 2.oo and as high as $14.00 on other listings,,yet if you check the completed listings you will see that both sellers are selling a good many...Why it's the same guide, created and produced by Whitely Enterprises,,why do some people buy it for 2 dollars and others for 14?

Some people say that the reason that some people buy at the higher price is that they preceive it to be of more worth..Beauty in the eye of the beholder perhaps???

Some sellers say that if you list an item (ebook) at too small a price that it gives the impression that the information must not be worth much..thus they list at a higher price...The stats seem to support this...

A current example is the '90 day powerseller challenge'.. If you look at the listings there are alot of people giving this product away for free, yet still alot of people are selling it for a decent price...Why pay for it when you can get it for free on many listings?

At any rate information is probably the best selling item anywhere on the internet and will most likely be for years and years to come...

I personally know several people who make excellent money selling information from the 'public domain'. This is information that they simply go on the net and get for free, then turn around and sell this info on ebay for 7-10 per ebook..It's free, all anyone has to do is look it up..Yet they pay for it instead....

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18 Aug 07 02:11:51 am
well, yes, I guess P.T. Barnum was right, there's a sucker born every minute. :D


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