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Frontline Plus Suppliers?

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12 Dec 06 03:03:44 pm
What about selling flea medications on ebay? I personally buy it on there for my dogs and get a great deal! Where is a good source for buying it please?

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12 Dec 06 07:49:09 pm
Ok i did some research on this. On ebay the sellers that are selling these medications are buying them from websites and selling them for minimal profits. Meaning 4-10 per item. Notice how high the shipping charges are. Most of them are getting thier profits from the shipping.
Most of these items only cost around $1.50 - $1.80 to ship first class mail. And you can ship them in a 20 Cent bubble mailer.

Some suppliers are here:

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Remember this is not a high value item as far as profits are concerned.
But if you can sell alot of low value items then your profits can soar.

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1 Dec 08 12:25:55 am
Have a look at the following Pet Supply wholesalers. They have a good range of products but check out their prices to see if you will be able to profit from them. All are located in the US.

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Hope they help.
All the best,

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