Importing iPods to Australia - help please

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25 Jul 06 01:09:14 pm
Hi everyone. Hope all is good.
whats the deal with ipods(serial numbers not the same internal/box) thing??
Any one used Link hidden: Login to view as well.
Any basic info on import taxes in Australia???
I'd appreciate any information that can be shared in Lamo terms!!haha
Thanks heaps!

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26 Jul 06 03:58:45 pm
You can visit this site and try check the custom rules and regulation for Australia..
Link hidden: Login to view

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22 Aug 06 11:58:57 am

I'm a australian member as well and would like to find a ipod supplier. Any idea of a good supplier?

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22 Aug 06 04:46:32 pm
There are a lot of copies out there on the market. Some suppliers will buy the original IPOD shells and than put there own MP3 player inside. This creates unmatching serial numbers. SOmetimes they are orginal parts that they aquired and used to create the products often causing serial numbers not to match. A true IPOD will have the same internal and external serial number. Comes in handy when you retun the product to APPLE for repair. I hope this helps.


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