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New to this Site - Need some advice

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16 Sep 10 01:32:32 pm
Hello all! I am new to this site and I have some questions. I am unsure if Salehoo is really for me. With that said....let me tell you about me and perhaps some of you nice folks out there can advise me. I live in Ontario, Canada. I work part-time in a law firm. I am a mother of a 12 year old boy. I have just started to sell on ebay and am absolutely LOVING it. It's become some what of an obsession actually. LOL Anyway, I was primarily interested in perhaps Dropshipping but I do not have a Business registered at this time and it appears everyone primarily is requesting that you have one. I am on a limited income and therefore LARGE $$$ orders by the pallet would not be an option. However, selling at Flea Markets sounds like an awesome idea for me. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks to all. By the way my name is Krystal. Hello SaleHoo

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16 Sep 10 08:44:12 pm
Hi Krystal, and welcome to SaleHoo

To answer your first question, if you have an interest in sales, then SaleHoo is most definitely for you : )

Now in regards to drop shipping, you shouldn't need any tax id to deal with drop shippers. At least I certainly am not aware of any that require you to be tax compliant. This is something you would find if you were dealing with Wholesalers.

Of course if you are operating this as a business, then you would need to make yourself compliant regardless of who you used as a supplier.

Selling at weekend markets can be an excellent avenue to exploit, however drip shipping isn't an option there as you really do need stock on hand to do any serious business.

If you had time on your hands I would be suggesting you head off to some local garage (yard) sales, as these can prove to be a gold mine for stock at rock bottom prices, even lower if you have the ability to talk a good deal
: )

The second option I would suggest looking at is liquidation. It gives you the ability to still buy in volume, but at a dramatically reduced price. Now thats aid, bare in mind that you are dealing in surplus stock, and therefore really need to understand that market before jumping in and buying a load of worthless garbage by mistake!

Lots of avenues you can look at here, and I like the way you are looking at a weekend market avenue straight away, as most will only consider online and that of course limits their market straight away!

Mark (fudjj)

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24 Sep 10 12:21:36 am
Hi Krystal,

Welcome to SaleHoo! :) Just want to let you know that we are here should you need help with anything. You may send us a message at support@salehoo.com or you can just post your requests here at the forum.

I'd like to share with you these useful information about drop shipping:

I also would like to point you to this useful tips on drop shipping -

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And here are the top drop shippers we have from the directory, all with good reviews:

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Have a nice day!



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