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24 Jul 06 05:50:09 pm

I live in the UK and have spent countless months looking and looking for Wholesale / Dropshipping sites for electrical goods (as these are not easy to replicate as clothes are)

I have had seversal problems with Clothes being removed and getting me banned once already from ebay so am now looking for an electrical dropshipper (PSP, xbox, car stereos, tvs, monitors)

i have looked through salehoo to the point i have gotten square eyes, i dont know if i am missing something but would be very grateful if someone could help and point me in a great direction as to where i can get some cheap merchandise from to make some mega money - UK would be best but if theres any cheap shipping ones out there that would be great too :D

Please help

~~~~~~~~~Smian ~~~~~~~~~

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25 Jul 06 09:31:29 pm
Gday mate
Im in the same boat as you are in, only im an australian please add me to your yahoo messager list my name is Link hidden: Login to view or my main email is Link hidden: Login to view please add me as i have a site you may be interseted in

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17 Sep 08 04:16:16 am
MK Enterprise is a reliable option. They are located in Hong Kong but offer international shipping as well as dropshipping services. Fellow Salehoo members have rated them with 4 stars and have given them excellent reviews. You can see them in the directory here...
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They have a great range of the latest brand name consumer electronics so it would be worthwhile checking them out.

I hope this helps and all the best :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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