When should I put my Elmo TMX on eBay?

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20 Sep 06 04:06:32 pm
Two questions, does anyone recommend when I put these on eBay. Would it be better to do it right away, or wait a couple months, or the two or three weeks before christmas?

Also I have a target profit I would like to make on each one. If you are interested I would be willing to sell. Just let me know. Link hidden: Login to view.

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21 Sep 06 02:35:31 am
Depending if it's a hot item for christmas..If it is..I would start right after thanksgiving..and leave 2 0r 3 the last week of christmas

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21 Sep 06 03:08:38 am
I would be greatful for any advise from people who have done this in the past with other items.

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28 Sep 06 06:46:17 pm
I have been selling them on ebay but right now they are going for about double the price you bought them for. How much would you be willing to sell them for? All or just a couple. Let me know here or via email to Link hidden: Login to view

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28 Sep 06 09:56:26 pm
It is best to sell a few now and slowly keep increasing the price. Make sure you figure out how many you want to sell each week. Be careful beuase if new shipments arrive you might get stuck with a lot of elmos


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