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I have over 25 years of sales and marketing experience. I have really enjoyed the process of creating these natural and organic products with my family. Corinne, older sis, CEO, Me, Dean, COO and cousin Chad CTO.


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Terra Supra Skin Care - Top 10 Did you Knows!
HI Everyone, I'm Dean the COO at Terra Supra. I wanted to share a few things about us in our "Did you know?" segment for the upcoming Christmas season. Hereeee we go! Did you know... 1. ...
Building Relationships Matter - It has to be Win/Win
As a supplier it is very import to us that we have great relationships with our vendors. Yes making money is important but the metrics we don't measure and should are these; Responsiveness - Are we...
Quality vs Price
At our company we work very hard to create the best in class products. Many folks might think we are expensive but the reality is, price is not an issue if the product helps the customer solve his or...
Spray Tanning? Your body is a Canvas~Make is Smooth!
The best way to prepare you skin for a spray tan is to think of you skin as a canvas. The softer and smoother the surface the better your applied tan will look. Most of all it will LAST longer and keep...
Let's Make Building a Great Relationship!
How can we help? I believe you want what we want. 1. Great ROI 2. A great relationship with your suppliers 3. Responsive to your requests 4. Quick order fulfillment 5. Contactable I know I want these...
Organic and Natural!
Proudly Canadian, Terra Supra produces the best in class mechanical clay salt exfoliants and exceptional organic flaxseed oil body serums to soften and moisturize skin. Our natural, organic,...
Shipping Concerns? - We are Made and Ship from Canada
With the Global Shipping Crisis about to impact goods coming from China, Terra Supra Skin Care is Made in Canada and we ship from Canada. North America does have reliable postal and courier services to...



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