Has been checked and verified by SaleHoo. This seal confirms that they meet the standards of an approved and trusted supplier.

SaleHoo Approved since 2018-04-19

From the hundreds of thousands of suppliers on the internet today, only a select few have met the standards to become SaleHoo approved suppliers. This puts in a select group.

Before being accepted into the SaleHoo directory, suppliers go through a strict series of checks to ensure their status as a legitimate and trustworty business.

Failure to meet any of our strict standards excludes a supplier from being featured in the directory and having the right to display the SaleHoo approved supplier badge.

Our due diligence gives you the peace of mind to know that is not some fly-by-night operator. You can worry less about being taken for a ride and more about other important business activities. Like finding quality products at good prices.

Here are some of the standards that all SaleHoo approved suppliers must meet.

As well as the standard checks, SaleHoo approved suppliers are subject to continued review by our members. If any company fails to do business in an honest and ethical manner, they will have their approved supplier status removed.

The fact that has been approved for 7 years is proof of their integrity and continued commitment to good business practice.


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