How to send and check private messages

As a member of SaleHoo, you can send private messages to other members and to our staff should you wish to keep your concerns private. Please use our private messaging system accordingly and avoid using it to circumvent any existing forum rules.

You can access your private messages by clicking on the envelope icon located on the upper right portion of the page beside the "dashboard" link.

If you have any unread messages you will see a corresponding number. Bold titled subjects are your unread messages. Click on the subject to read and reply to your message(s).

To send a message to other SaleHoo members, click on the "CONTACT" button on their profile page. To view a member's profile page click on their name in the forum. 

Or you may opt to remember their SaleHoo username which is visible in their posts.

Click on "compose" to start writing your message and be sure to add the name of the member you are sending a private message to in the "To" field. Once you are finished writing your message, click send. 


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