How much does SaleHoo Directory cost?

SaleHoo Directory used to retail for US$67 lifetime membership. Our site and services have since been upgraded and expanded a number of times, and the price has now gone up to US$67 per year to cover the cost of all the new features. However, you may find some testimonials from customers who purchased SaleHoo Directory a few years back mention $67 lifetime membership as the purchase price. SaleHoo Directory has come a LONG way since that time. We have now improved our directory search feature and added a new feature - supplier snapshots - which are designed to help you learn more about the supplier you will be dealing with. Also, we have added at least 2,000 more suppliers, more resources, and a custom-designed market research software. 

All you will ever pay to be a member of SaleHoo is US$67 for a year's membership which gives you access to all of our resources which includes the following:

  • Daily updated suppliers: Be the first to start using new suppliers as they are added to SaleHoo. There are currently 8,000+ suppliers for you to choose from, and this is growing daily.
  • Full access to our private members forum: There are some amazing discussions here among members and powersellers - you get a pile lot of valuable tips and tricks straight from the experts that you can't find elsewhere.
  • Our custom-built market research and analysis tool: This awesome tool helps you identify the trends and find products that have high potential to make you profit. Easily discover profitable products before you buy. Each week we scan and research popular products that you could sell online, saving you time and guess work.
  • Regularly updated step-by-step guides on all aspects of running an online ecommerce business.
  • Full email and chat support: If you have a burning question or want a custom-created list of suppliers for the product you're looking for, flick us a message and we'll get to it.

If you're new to online selling, I'm sure you will find this free guide helpful: The beginners' guide to starting a business selling things online

When you are ready to get started and access our suppliers you can join here: Join SaleHoo Directory




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