How much money do I need to start selling online?

As long as you have $50 and are willing to start with small quantities, you have enough to make your first wholesale purchase! Many of our suppliers have no required minimum order quantities so how much you spend on each order is up to you.

The amount you need to spend will also depend on what you wish to sell. If you want to sell electronics, then you are going to need $500 at a minimum and more if you want to get a better profit margin. But for other items such as makeup, some sports equipment, clothing and footwear etc, a smaller spend will easily get you started.

Just one last thing: Bear in mind that you won't get the cheapest wholesale prices unless you purchase in bulk. So you should aim to eventually build up purchases to $500-$2,000 plus.

We know that you are here to make money, not spend money and that's why we work with suppliers who make it easy for you to get started. Join SaleHoo now and start building a strong, profitable business. 


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