Who should I contact if the product is not shipped to my customers?

This doesn’t happen very often but if it does. We suggest to do the following:

Check Shipping Times

You need to check the Shipping times first. The shipment times are specified for each product on its page. The average delivery time is between 21-45 days from China warehouse so no need to worry until this period ends. In case the shipment takes more time, you could do the following:

Extend the Buyer protection

The buyer protection period depends on the maximum timeframe that the supplier guarantees that product is gonna arrive. Sample, the supplier guarantees that the product will arrive in 60 days, the buyer protection is gonna be around 60 days too. You could see this under My Orders > Order status column. It display as ‘Your order will be closed in: XX days’

If the time is over, you lose AliExpress protection and will not get a refund in case something is wrong with the product or if it didn't arrive at all. Avoid the situation when the order is completed, but not delivered. 

How to extend buyer protection?

  1. Sign in to your AliExpress account: https://aliexpress.com
  2. Advance to ‘My Orders’ page: https://trade.aliexpress.com/order_list.htm 
  3. Click the 'View Detail' link
  4. Look for the ‘2. To extend the Buyer Protection for this order, please click here’ text and click the here link.
  5. It will display a pop-up to submit an extension for purchase protection. Add the desired number of days and click ‘Confirm’
  6. It will display a message request has been sent and need to wait for 2 days if the purchase protection request will be extended. 

The seller can either agree to extend the protection or decline your request.

Open Dispute

If you haven’t received your order after extending the buyer protection, get in touch with the seller first to try to come to a solution. If that doesn't work, you can apply for a refund by opening a dispute before the Buyer Protection has ended.

  1. Sign in to your AliExpress account: https://aliexpress.com 
  2. Advance to ‘My orders’ page: https://trade.aliexpress.com/order_list.htm
  3. Click ‘Dispute’
  4. On the Order Detail page, click ‘Open Dispute’
  5. You have an option to ‘Refund only’ or ‘Return Goods’
    • Choose ‘Refund only’ if you haven't received your order and like to get money back or if product is not as described and like to do a partial refund
    • Choose ‘Return Goods’ if you are not satisfied with the product and like to return for a full refund. You may have to pay the shipping fee.
  6. Complete all the necessary steps as instructed.
  7. During the dispute process you can discuss the refund terms with the seller. If you and the seller can’t come to an agreement, AliExpress will step in and help. 


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