How do I report a potential supplier that is inaccurate?

We are constantly trying to improve our suggested Potential Suppliers in Market Research Labs. However, we still miss the mark sometimes. If you find that a supplier does not match your product, you can report that supplier directly from Labs or the SaleHoo Directory.

First, select the “Report Listing” icon beside the supplier in question.

Then select the “This supplier doesn't have the product from SaleHoo Labs” and submit the report.

You have two options for submitting the report.

  1. You can select “Suppress Listing and Send Report”. This will hide the supplier from the Potential Suppliers for that product only.
  2. Or you can select “Send Report” to just report the listing.

Our team will review the listing and update it within 48 hours.

If you want to learn about reporting suppliers from the directory - you can learn more in the Directory FAQ page.


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