Can I get a price for a product?

SaleHoo doesn't track the product prices of each supplier because prices and stock levels change daily. With over 8,000 suppliers in our directory stocking millions of products, it would impossible to maintain an accurate database. We don't give out specific prices from our suppliers for two reasons: 

1) There is no way we can guarantee the price will remain the same or that the product will be in stock when you join SaleHoo
2) Suppliers will often tailor their prices to your order. Someone ordering 300 items will get a much better unit price than someone ordering just 10, for example. 

Always remember that, most suppliers negotiate price based on the size of the order, so a price list wouldn't necessarily be accurate. 

All our suppliers go through a thorough verification process, so you can be assured of the best wholesale deals available on the internet. 

Finally, remember that offering the lowest prices isn't the only way to run a business. How do you think boutique retail stores survive? Not everyone follows the WalMart model (thankfully). The majority of businesses differentiate themselves by offering a superior selection of products, superior quality and/or outstanding customer service. 

I suggest you check out this post which gives a pretty good explanation about quite a few aspects of pricing and why it's bad to solely base your decisions on the pricing you see :)




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