How can I utilize SaleHoo’s suppliers to make lots of money by taking advantage of these branded products

Here are two ways you can make the most of what SaleHoo's directory has to offer:

Suggestion #1: Find a Liquidator

One way you can make money off of branded products through SaleHoo’s suppliers, is to find liquidators. Liquidators are middle-men companies that acquire stock very cheaply through wholesale liquidations and closeouts for when other stores shut down and liquidate their stock. Often, these include branded products in brand-new condition. They then sell this stock onto others.  

Sometimes, liquidators will sell items individually, and other times, they will sell it in bulk lots. Liquidators can be a great way to pick up discounted branded items which you can resell. You can make a lot of money from liquidators: And this is often a very popular way to find discounted, branded clothing like Nike, Adidas and Louis Vuitton.  

However, just keep in mind that this can be a great way to pick up discounted branded items for reselling. Just keep in mind that the supply is not guaranteed. Take advantage of these crazy good deals while you can!
Here are a few more tips to help you:

1. Don’t get stuck  attempting to see one type of product. Instead be open with the perspective that you’re going to sell whatever is profitable. Look at a supplier’s catalog and be flexible with which items you’re willing to sell.  

2. When using SaleHoo’s directory to search for liquidators don’t use specific very product names in your search. Instead, use the search engine filters to find liquidators in your particular category. So if you are wanting to search for iPhone liquidators, this would mean you should be looking for liquidators selling electronics.  

3. Once you’ve found liquidators in these categories, stay up-to-date with their catalogs and keep an eye out for the items you want to buy.  

Suggestion #2 Find Suppliers Who Sell Accessories for Popular Items

The other great way to make a lot of money using SaleHoo and these brands, is to use SaleHoo to find suppliers who stock accessories for popular items. We strongly recommend that most people sell accessories rather than the actual items themselves. Why? As a distributor of the physical hardware, you actually have very small profit margins anyway, as tiny as 1-5% profit margins. When you take into account the time and effort to sell them, you often make a LOSS, instead of a profit. Smaller items are generally easier to store, sell, pack and ship - with a lot less effort!



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