How do I contact a supplier?

All approved suppliers can be contacted directly from within SaleHoo. To contact a supplier follow these steps:

Click “Contact Supplier” on the supplier’s listing page and choose your preferred contact method such as Email, Phone, Skype, Live chat or Website contact page.

Choosing to send an email will open the messaging tab. You can use one of our message templates, available on the right side of the page. These templates cover the most popular inquiry topics, however it’s important that you customize your message to suit your needs and the nature of your inquiry.

General rule of thumb: Suppliers will typically give generic responses to generic inquiries!

Alternatively, you can write your own custom message to any supplier. Here are a few pointers to think about when drafting your message.

  • Introduce yourself and let them know who you are. Links to your website, ebay store are helpful.
  • Tell them why you’re contacting them. Be specific if you’re inquiring about a product by including quantity requirements, country you’re shipping to and shipping expectations.
  • Be professional. Suppliers receive many inquiries each day and many of those will be tyre kickers. This means using your business email address, creating a signature and checking grammar and spelling before sending.
Quick tip:

If the supplier has a catalog, find the product(s) you’re interested in and click “inquire”. This will append those products to your message and will move the conversation along much faster.

Example of a good inquiry.



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