Why do suppliers require certain information before giving you access to their datafeed

A supplier's product catalog is not always openly available to everyone initially. To ensure that you are a legitimate reseller, some suppliers will require certain information before providing you with complete open access to their product database. Below are some examples of the common requirements requested by suppliers.

These requirements are in place to protect resellers, such as yourself, from end users. This way supplier's prices are kept private between you, the reseller and your supplier.

1.    Name and Contact information
2.    Sales Tax ID (You can provide your countries equivalent if you are located outside the US)
3.    Your Store URL or the online selling sites you're selling from, including eBay, Amazon and similar online selling platforms.

Upon providing the requested information, you can then proceed in registering a resellers account. In case you are unable to comply with a particular requirement, we suggest that you contact the supplier directly (via phone or email) and justify your intent to re-sell their products.

While some may view this as somewhat of a hassle initially. Having these database access requirements in place is essential to protecting the integrity of supply chain and is ultimately beneficial for you, the reseller.



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