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How to add and/or remove product variations

You can list various sizes as well as colors. To add variation to your product listing, please do the following:

  1. Go to Products > Products and scroll down to Variation

  2. Click on + Add Option and fill in the required details:

  • Options (indicate if your variation is Size, Color..)]

  • Opt Value (ex Size: Small, Medium)

  • Prefix (select + if your customer will pay more, - if they will pay less)

  • Price (cost on top/less of the listed price) 

  • To add another size just click on [+] on the lower right of the Options box.


Once done, click save at the bottom of the page and the changes will be saved to your store.


To remove additional options when they go out of stock.

  • To remove a product variation, simply go to the product listing where the variations are listed or added. Once you have opened the product listing scroll down to 'Variations' and select which variation you want to remove. To remove click on the 'X' icon on the upper right corner of each variation box  -


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