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Do you guarantee these suppliers?

SaleHoo has a safeguard policy in place for adding suppliers to our database: We will not accept any suppliers that cannot offer a secure and safe payment method to our members or that do not have a long-term proven track record of outstanding service. These steps have been put in place to help protect you from any suppliers that maybe conducting fraudulent activities, we also confirm contact information of suppliers, phone numbers and location of business.

However, we cannot guarantee our suppliers therefore we always recommend our members take reasonable steps to protect their safety in any transactions outside the SaleHoo site.

We take a very serious view on fraud, and if we discover a supplier is conducting fraudulent activity of any kind, they are suspended immediately.

To be listed in our database, all suppliers must:

  • Have been online for at least 2 years.
  • Be a genuine wholesaler, liquidator, manufacturer or drop shipper.
  • Offer multiple, valid contact methods, such as a land line number, a physical address, email and a cell phone number.
  • Must offer a safe payment method.
  • If offering brand name products, the supplier must offer genuine or designer-inspired brands and be ready to provide a proof of authenticity.

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