Do you guarantee these suppliers?

We have no official guarantee for our suppliers, but we only add suppliers that either accept a secure form of payment (meaning you have a course of action should something go wrong) or have a proven track record of excellent service.
For these reasons, we have very few issues with suppliers failing to supply goods to customers. We take a very serious view on fraud, and if we discover a supplier is conducting fraudulent activity of any kind, they are suspended immediately.

In the unlikely event that you do have a problem with a supplier, please file a complaint by clicking the link on the supplier's profile page within SaleHoo, we will followup with the supplier as needed.

To be listed in our database, all suppliers must:

  • Have been online for at least 2 years.
  • Be a genuine wholesaler, liquidator, manufacturer or drop shipper.
  • Offer multiple, valid contact methods, such as a land line number, a physical address, email and a cell phone number.
  • Must offer a safe payment method.
  • If offering brand name products, the supplier must offer genuine or designer-inspired brands and be ready to provide a proof of authenticity.



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