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Finding wholesale suppliers is a pain in the butt. Hours of research can lead to nothing but dead ends, scams, and frustration. What a waste of time. Is there
a better way?


Yes, there's a better way! Tell us what you're looking for, and our Concierge researchers will search high and low to deliver you the best suppliers
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How it works


You Request

Send us details of the product you are looking for.

We Research

We get to work, researching the best suppliers for you

Receive Report

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Who does the research?

We do! At SaleHoo.com, we manage a directory of thousands of approved suppliers. We know where to look, how to sift past the scams, and we will unearth suppliers from all our channels. It's more than just a quick Google search.

Any products you can't source?

Very few. Some big brands have very closed supply chains (think Apple, Nike, FitBit, Gucci) which makes it hard unless you make orders of $100,000 or more. We'll suggest the best way to deal with these big brands, or alternative products that you might like to consider.

How many suppliers will I receive?

At least 2, but normally 3 or more. If your request is very specific with lots of conditions, we might only find a couple of suppliers. We carefully consider your request conditions and share with you the suppliers that are right for you in terms of price, location, and supplier type.

Why should I hire someone to find me a supplier?

You could do it yourself, but the end result isn't guaranteed. Just like you pay an accountant to do your taxes and a mechanic to fix your car, when you are building your business sometimes it is easier to trust an expert with a foundational business matter such as finding a supplier.