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Why are the images in my SaleHoo Store newsletter not loading?

Images in your Salehoo Store newsletter will not load if they are using a relative path instead of an absolute path. You can tell if an image is using a relative path if the path to the image is not using a full website address. (A full website address includes the http://) As you may have guessed, an absolute path does provide the full website address.

You need to view the source code of the newsletter for you to  determine whether an image is using a relative path. To do this, just click the Source button in the Salehoo Store newsletter editor.

The Source code view will display the html code, including the path to the images embedded within the newsletter. A relative path does not have the http:// as shown in the screenshot below.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the path (or the "src") to the image was set as: /image/userfiles/image/2_hands.gif. This image will not load if the person is accessing the newsletter from a different location. To fix this, you just need to replace the relative path with the absolute path:

The path to the image as shown above is now set to which is an absolute path. Please note that was only used as an example. You must use your own domain name in setting the path in your newsletter, otherwise, the images will still not load.

Please also note that you need to change the path of all the images to absolute for them to work properly.


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