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Using Pinterest as an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Using Pinterest as an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

It's common knowledge that social networking is an excellent way to promote e-commerce. Knowing why it works so well, however, is not so common. Most people would presume it's because there are so many users on these sites that it's inevitably going to improve exposure. The truth is seldom so forthright. We don't really know why one social networking site outperforms other networks in certain respects but falls short in other areas. For example, there is a growing conviction that...

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Using Pinterest as an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

iPhone Cords: Monday Market of the Week

Apple strikes again with their new product, the iPhone 6. In line with this, a lot of consumers have updated their merchandise which paved way for a lot of markets to earn in such a short period of time. I am not convinced that the rise in their product sales, however, is due to the release of the iPhone 6. This is because iPhone cords are in such a good place a month ago and even earlier than that. Let's just say the iPhone cords may not have a good reputation when it comes to... Continue reading

Examining the Role of Dropshipping in the Supply Chain

Most consumers have very little idea (or concern) about how the clothes they buy or the appliances they have delivered actually get to them. As far as they are concerned, these items are available so they buy them. What does matter to consumers is that their purchases get to them in one piece, as advertised. But that's only the very end of the story. The story begins at the start of what is known as a supply chain. We talked some about the concept of supply chains last week, but today... Continue reading

Neosporin Ointment: Monday Market of the Week

This week's Monday Market of the Week has been selected out of instinct. It's just natural for a mother like myself to write about something that's straight out of the medicine cabinet. Still, based on the searches, I guess this product is in demand for its profit potential as much as it is for its healing abilities. Neosporin ointment garners good reviews in terms of its ability to clean minor wounds and prevent infections. Well, Salehoo's Market Research Lab also showed its potential... Continue reading

How to use eBay Collections to Develop a Following on eBay

We've talked about the influence of Pinterest on e-commerce marketing efforts in this blog before, so it should be no surprise that the highly successful format has spawned a few high-profile clones. One such clone, eBay Collections, may just be your ticket to developing a faithful following for your eBay Sellers account. Today we'll go over the platform, and examine some of the ways in which you can leverage it to build an online fan base. Continue reading

Importance of Supply Chain Management in Dropshipping

The Internet and the rocking e-commerce market have really opened up business opportunities for anyone with a modicum of computer knowledge and an idea rattling around in the old attic. With wholesalers offering dropshipping opportunities to anyone willing to handle the customer service end of the equation, it isn't even necessary to put up any capital to buy inventory. No one needs to go to business school anymore to make it big in retail. Right? Well… When you're dropshipping as a... Continue reading

Understanding Wholesale Clearance and Liquidation Sales

Dropshippers are primarily middle men; they take on the hassle of the sale to avoid the headache of the inventory by mediating between buyers and manufacturers. As a dropshipper, you're like an electrical wire; the current passes through you from the power plant to the appliance. In the process, some of the juice leaks out. This is your slice of the pie, your cut of the profits. Often, this is smaller than you'd like, but at least you're not tying up any of your own money. Continue reading

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