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Why Millennials Should be the Focus of E-Commerce Strategy

Why Millennials Should be the Focus of E-Commerce Strategy

As a dropshipper, the more you sell, the better for your business, so you aim to rank high in search engines and use all the analytic tools at your disposal to make sure you do. This is certainly a good way to be noticed…if your target market is looking for your name in their search results. But are they? Dropshipping is a business with no limits in terms of product choice; as a dropshipper you are in a unique position to grab any opportunity to profit from shifts in demand at any time,...

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Why Millennials Should be the Focus of E-Commerce Strategy

Whitening Lotion: Monday Market of the Week

We always want to have skin that we were not born with. Yes, it is total cliche but if you take a look at the Western ladies, you know they would rather be tan or bronze, while Asians would opt to be a bit lighter than usual. This blog is not about a comparison of color, but mainly on the market demand for fairer and lighter skin. This is why I came up with whitening lotion as our Monday Market of the Week. The demand for this market is absolutely a fact since I am one of those who would... Continue reading

How to Formulate Product Sourcing Tactics Tailored to Your Business

Ultimately, the best way to make money in online retailing is to source your products in a way that will work for you. Now some people think that product sourcing is as easy as looking through your favorite search engine results and clicking on as many wholesalers offering a great deal as you can. But if it were that easy then everybody would be doing it, right? Product sourcing is much more than simply finding suppliers. To make money online, you have to think long and hard to formulate... Continue reading

Millennials and Online Clothes Shopping

Most people are aware the online clothes shopping is one of the main factors driving ecommerce sales globally.  If you check out SaleHoo's Market Research Lab, you'll see that there's a lot of competition (more than 3,000 sellers within a 30-day period) but still a pretty decent success rate of 21% representing about $60,000 worth of total sales a day. And that's just on eBay. The numbers put clothes and apparel as second or third to consumer electronics and books... Continue reading

Five of the Top Online Shopping Sites

Online retailers are always interested in finding out what sites give their products the best exposure. It's no trade secret that in order to sell online you have to be visible to your customers. Naturally, you spend a lot of your energy trying to get noticed. This includes riding on the coattails of top online shopping sites which, as it turns out, can be a perfectly symbiotic relationship. When you advertise your products on popular online marketplaces, it makes your inventory more... Continue reading

Online Buying Statistics Every Retailer Should Know

The writing is on the wall: brick-and-mortar (BAM) retailers have to do something radical if they want to keep their market share, because online retailers are dominating like nobody's, er, business! Don't believe it? According to Forbes, BAM retailers made only half the sales they expected during the holiday season in 2013. This is apparently because the initial paranoia shoppers had about buying online has all but disappeared. Nowadays it is far more convenient to browse and click,... Continue reading

How to Import Products to Sell Online

We have discussed in some detail the pros and cons of dropshipping. On so many levels it's an excellent way to make money online, particularly if you don't want to/can't put a lot of cash down up front. However, we have also discussed the two main drawbacks of dropshipping. If you need reminding, they are narrow profit margins and potential fulfillment problems. Both of these can be addressed by simply importing products from the same wholesale suppliers that dropship. Continue reading

Want to know what sells best on eBay?

Become a free SaleHoo member and we'll give you our top four niches for 2014. These are niches you can almost ALWAYS make good profit in. We'll also give you contact details for our favorite suppliers in those niches, so you can get started selling today.