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4 Best Pricing Strategies You Can Implement Now

4 Best Pricing Strategies You Can Implement Now

It is interesting to note that the 4 Ps of marketing (product, placement, price, and promotion) are considered of equal importance, yet much less emphasis is placed on creating strategies to use price as a tool for conversion. Typically, you will be advised to research price tolerance in order to “price competitively,” and “make prices attractive” to the consumer. These are sound principles, but given that all other Ps are constant, wouldn't it be nice to get down to brass tacks and learn...

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4 Best Pricing Strategies You Can Implement Now

Online Selling Statistics You Ought to Know and Why

Software developer Buzzbuilder claims that only 5 percent of people remember statistics, compared to the 63 percent of people who remember stories. However, I contend that the amount of recall depends on why you're citing statistics. If you're interested in improving your business, you need to know what the relevant numbers are so you can tell whether you are actually seeing success in certain areas of business, or just wasting your time. When you sell online, you have to know that your... Continue reading

How to Solve Common Pitfalls in a Drop Shipment Business

Although we‘ve discussed the common pitfalls of drop shipments for the online retail business before, you can never get enough of the fundamentals. Knowing what a drop shipment business is and making it work are two different animals; when planning to go into dropshipping, you have to have contingencies for every scenario. In an earlier article, we only discussed what these common problems are — not how to solve them. In this article, we'll tackle the possible solutions to deal with the cons... Continue reading

What Lies Behind Low Amazon Prices

Are you aware that Amazon.com began as a dropshipping business back in 1994? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos began listing books he didn't actually have in stock. It's claim that it was the “the world's largest bookstore” was based on the stock that book publishers had in their warehouses of books listed on Amazon. Barnes & Noble actually sued Amazon in 1997 for misleading the public by its claim. The lawsuit was settled out of court and Amazon continues to make that claim. Amazon's business... Continue reading

Eyelash Curler: Monday Market of the Week

Rummage through a lady's makeup bag or vanity and the odds are good you will find one or more of these beauty gadgets. Behold: the Eyelash curler, a must-have for any woman who knows the eyes are the window to the soul. The eyelash curler gives an impression of longer lashes and makes eyes seem bigger and brighter. It shouldn't be a surprise to find more than one, after all, a girl just can't have enough back-up when it comes to beauty cosmetics and gadgets. Our Market Research Lab will... Continue reading

10 Fantastic Online Selling Apps to Build Your E-Commerce Business

Online sales, regardless of niche, can be a pretty competitive business. As a dropshipper, you may think that you can just go muddling along with little effort because you have nothing to lose if you don't sell. This is true to an extent, but just because you have little or no capital tied up in your business doesn't mean you aren't losing money. By missing opportunities to sell that could so easily be caught if you just put a little more effort into marketing, you're missing out on a... Continue reading

How to Create a Great E-Commerce SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something every e-commerce website owner should learn because it plays a large role in whether your site will become a success. It sounds scary, but SEO is basically just making sure that your target market can find you in a search engine. Unfortunately, search engines have become pretty good at ranking only those websites that genuinely provide relevant content to browsers, so you can't just saturate your site with keywords and leave it at that.... Continue reading

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