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Five of the Top Online Shopping Sites

Five of the Top Online Shopping Sites

Online retailers are always interested in finding out what sites give their products the best exposure. It's no trade secret that in order to sell online you have to be visible to your customers. Naturally, you spend a lot of your energy trying to get noticed. This includes riding on the coattails of top online shopping sites which, as it turns out, can be a perfectly symbiotic relationship. When you advertise your products on popular online marketplaces, it makes your inventory more...

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Five of the Top Online Shopping Sites

Online Buying Statistics Every Retailer Should Know

The writing is on the wall: brick-and-mortar (BAM) retailers have to do something radical if they want to keep their market share, because online retailers are dominating like nobody's, er, business! Don't believe it? According to Forbes, BAM retailers made only half the sales they expected during the holiday season in 2013. This is apparently because the initial paranoia shoppers had about buying online has all but disappeared. Nowadays it is far more convenient to browse and click,... Continue reading

How to Import Products to Sell Online

We have discussed in some detail the pros and cons of dropshipping. On so many levels it's an excellent way to make money online, particularly if you don't want to/can't put a lot of cash down up front. However, we have also discussed the two main drawbacks of dropshipping. If you need reminding, they are narrow profit margins and potential fulfillment problems. Both of these can be addressed by simply importing products from the same wholesale suppliers that dropship. Continue reading

Cuticle Remover: Monday Market of the Week

Salons and spa centers are always swarming with weekly appointments for nail care. You might think, why the need? All you have to do is to cut and paint your nails, right? Wrong. Nail care is not just about cutting and painting your nails. You also have to make sure to keep your cuticles in shape. It's also quite easy to achieve, especially if you have a regular appointment with your salon lady. Still, there are plenty of women, and even men, who opt to do it themselves with their personal... Continue reading

10 Best Business Books for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

There's an adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This can apply to many online retailers in the sense that it's easy to start a business and make a few bucks, but even easier to fail miserably in the long run. They don't know enough to keep a business going even if they have a marketable idea or product. Acquiring knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship can be a long, frustrating, and costly process if you do it on the fly. Yes, some of the most successful entrepreneurs... Continue reading

Using Pinterest as an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

It's common knowledge that social networking is an excellent way to promote e-commerce. Knowing why it works so well, however, is not so common. Most people would presume it's because there are so many users on these sites that it's inevitably going to improve exposure. The truth is seldom so forthright. We don't really know why one social networking site outperforms other networks in certain respects but falls short in other areas. For example, there is a growing conviction that... Continue reading

iPhone Cords: Monday Market of the Week

Apple strikes again with their new product, the iPhone 6. In line with this, a lot of consumers have updated their merchandise which paved way for a lot of markets to earn in such a short period of time. I am not convinced that the rise in their product sales, however, is due to the release of the iPhone 6. This is because iPhone cords are in such a good place a month ago and even earlier than that. Let's just say the iPhone cords may not have a good reputation when it comes to... Continue reading

Want to know what sells best on eBay?

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