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The Importance of E-Commerce SEO and Content

The Importance of E-Commerce SEO and Content

We have often heard that in order for any website to be successful it has to make the front page of the Google search results. In other words, it's got to rank, and in order for it to rank it needs high quality content and a well-organized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This is especially true for ecommerce sites. Some would argue that content is just one item in the ecommerce SEO checklist, and they would be right, but it's a HUGE item. For one thing, good content has...

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The Importance of E-Commerce SEO and Content

Earphones: Monday Market of the Week

Earphones can go with almost any gadget today. If you own a cell phone, iPad or tablet, an MP3 player, or a desktop or laptop computer, I am sure that at one point in your life, you'll have found a need for earphones. Sure, you might get a set of earphones with your new phone or MP3 player. But with so many options available to you, you're probably going to want a pair or two more. Maybe you're prone to losing them. Maybe you prefer a special sports model for workouts. Maybe you're in... Continue reading

Online Market Research: Holiday Ecommerce Trends

You may think that just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, the big sales opportunities are over. You might be surprised to find out how much of an opportunity you still have in the remaining December days. Let's take a look at some of the online market research to glean insights that we can apply to our holiday sales strategies. Continue reading

Military Hiking Day Packs: Monday Market of the Week

If I asked you who wears tactical military gear, what would your answer be? Most people immediately jump to members of the Army, Navy or Air Force. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that there is a huge recreational military tactical gear market, including military hiking day packs. I discovered this because I recently became friends with a group of people who have a shared hobby: Airsoft. In Airsoft games, players wear military-quality gear and run through exercises and games... Continue reading

e-Juice: Monday Market of the Week

The popularity of the e-cigarette is no big secret. Since more and more people have the urge to finally throw away that cigarette butt for the last time, "vaping" (smoking e-cigarettes) has become big. E-juice, or e-liquid, is the tobacco equivalent used in e-cigarettes. You'll find it in a variety of flavors, ranging from fruits, florals, and desserts to custom blends. Our Market Research Lab will show you how e-juice has now grown from a means to quit smoking into a source of potential... Continue reading

How Secure Are Online Payment Systems?

One of the top concerns consumers have when they shop online is the security of their payment information. According to this study, nearly half of Internet users still feel that they're vulnerable when they make online payments, and 42% say they would make more purchase if they were sure they wouldn't get hacked. Fully 37% abandoned their online shopping carts because they weren't convinced about the security of the payment process. This is not an unreasonable fear. According... Continue reading

19 UX Patterns You Need on your Website

The average browser doesn't really know (or care) about the design work that goes into every website that they visit. They're only aware that they like one site, hate another, and are so-so about others. They generally don't know or understand why. In most cases the response is subliminal, which is exactly what you're aiming for. Good UX is invisible. We've mentioned in a previous article that one of the top reasons visitors abandon their shopping carts is because of bad UX. It may be a... Continue reading

Want to know what sells best on eBay?

Become a free SaleHoo member and we'll give you our top four niches for 2014. These are niches you can almost ALWAYS make good profit in. We'll also give you contact details for our favorite suppliers in those niches, so you can get started selling today.