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Are You Selling On Bonanza Yet? Learn How in 3 Easy Steps

Are You Selling On Bonanza Yet? Learn How in 3 Easy Steps

There's been a lot of interest in the Bonanza marketplace lately, so we've asked them why people should sell there and how to go about it. This post is their answer, outlining what Bonanza is, why people are choosing to sell there, and how get started.

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Are You Selling On Bonanza Yet? Learn How in 3 Easy Steps

How to get a Resale License (Sales Tax ID)

A reseller's permit (or resale license) is required for US-based sellers in order to avoid paying sales tax on items you are going to resell.To get a reseller's license you first have to enroll with your state tax department, which involves getting a Sales Tax ID number. Continue reading

Sick of eBay? Try these alternative places to sell...

Are you fed up with eBay fees, intense competition and constant policy changes? Read this to find out the best and most profitable places to sell. Continue reading

How to Make Sure that Your Dropshipping Business Makes Big Money

You know this for a fact — there is absolutely no business without risk. If you're planning to try your luck in the dropshipping business, no one would dare promise you a comfy, smooth journey. Nor are there any guarantees that earnings will come as effortlessly as you may like. On the contrary, in fact; there are bound to be bumps ahead. Continue reading

Online Shopping for Men: 10 Items They Can’t Resist

Even as far back as ancient times, shopping was never quite the buzzword for men as it was for women. The primitive-communal setup of our ancestors developed women as meticulous gatherers, while men were trained to be skilled hunters. Women had to be conscientious not to pick the wrong berries, as they might poison the whole group. Men, on the other hand, needed to act quickly or their kill might duck away. This ancestral imprint gives us a clue as to why women tend to shop more than men.... Continue reading

Why Your Online Selling Ideas Should Cater to Generation X

There has been a lot of talk about how Millennials rule the digital world. Business store owners and dropshippers are super-busy outlining their strategies to capture this largest, most dynamic, and probably most influential of online audiences. While it could be wise to follow the conventional idea that Millennials should be your no. 1 focus in developing online selling business ideas, it could also be futile, or even downright foolish, to assume Millennials should be your only... Continue reading

15 of the Best Books for Learning How to Brand

Successful branding is the Holy Grail for all marketing professionals and business owners. Good branding means awareness, and with awareness comes recall. When people can remember your brand (in a positive light, of course), you are more likely to profit than if you were selling a less-recognizable product or service, even if it's the same or even better quality. There is nothing new under the sun, after all, so the competition for custom relies heavily on recognition. Continue reading
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