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19 UX Patterns You Need on your Website

19 UX Patterns You Need on your Website

The average browser doesn't really know (or care) about the design work that goes into every website that they visit. They're only aware that they like one site, hate another, and are so-so about others. They generally don't know or understand why. In most cases the response is subliminal, which is exactly what you're aiming for. Good UX is invisible. We've mentioned in a previous article that one of the top reasons visitors abandon their shopping carts is because of bad UX. It may be a...

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19 UX Patterns You Need on your Website

Social Networks Move Toward E-Commerce

What would be more natural than setting up a booth or store in the middle of the busiest section of town? It's perhaps rule number one in retail: you go where the crowds are. In other words: Location, location, location. In the virtual world, the biggest crowds don't congregate on e-commerce sites, but rather on social networking platforms. This is a fact borne out by the data. Social networking sites have a major influence on how people interact; we can probably attest to that ourselves,... Continue reading

Macadamia Nuts: Monday Market of the Week

Macadamia nuts are a rich source of energy and have a sweet taste. They are actually one of the more popular health foods since they have very low cholesterol and contain a lot of health benefits, including nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. These nuts are also a tasty treat, and not just during the holidays. Their sweet and delectable flavor make it easy to incorporate macadamias into daily meals, snacks, or even toppings on our favorite desserts. Macadamia nuts are available in... Continue reading

How to Effectively Integrate Social Media on Your Ecommerce Sites

Everyone knows at this point the massive potential of successful social media integrations with e-commerce. Yet outside of basic content marketing and old fashioned advertising on the big 3 (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), there isn't a lot of talk about the best practices for combining your SMM with your branding efforts. While there are some efforts being made at putting together social shopping carts and adding buy buttons to sponsored posts/tweets/pins, these features are still in... Continue reading

Important Import Business Caveats when Targeting Millennials

  The import/export business has historically been dominated by big business. That’s because they’re the ones with the capacity to bring in/ship out the volume of goods required to make a profit. That has, of course, changed with the rise of the global market and an increasing willingness from wholesalers to ship smaller quantities at decent prices to entrepreneurs with comparably limited means. According to Entrepreneur.com, 96% of all importers in the US are small... Continue reading

Extendable Monopod: Monday Market of the Week

Ever-improving technology gives anyone the ability to share, well, just about anything! Social media has been used constantly as a tool for marketing, keeping in touch with friends and family, or just simply sharing whatever happened to your day. In some countries, snapping a "selfie" or "groupie" is just a normal way to start a day. We document everything from what we wear on a given day to the food we eat, not to mention our vacations, hiking expeditions, and much more. Cameras, in other... Continue reading

8 Things you need to do to Prep your Online Store for the Holiday Season

There was a time when people would line up at their favorite retailers before dawn on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, hoping to get the greatest deals they will ever get for that year for the most-coveted items. We all thought it was crazy back then, but now people are camping out right after dinner! Fights have been known to spring up over the last of that last pair of Doc Martens or that cute cashmere sweater at 90 percent off. This is Black Friday, and it's a huge deal for... Continue reading

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