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How to Increase Online Sales Without Breaking the Bank

How to Increase Online Sales Without Breaking the Bank

Anyone running an online business is looking for ways to stack the deck in his or her favor. eBay sellers are no different. Any and every edge, no matter how small, is an opening to be exploited. If you're selling on eBay, you need to examine the major factors to top seller success. Today we'll be discussing the major metrics common to eBay's top sellers. We'll examine the statistics behind the sellers with the highest sales volumes and try to gain some insights from those numbers.

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How to Increase Online Sales Without Breaking the Bank

Sugar-Free Gum: Monday Market of the Week

Sugar-free products are becoming more popular among many consumers. In the past we have featured sugar-free candy as a viable niche and this week our Market Research Lab brings us another sugar-free niche: gum. Chewing gum is now a universally accepted habit. Many studies show that chewing gum contributes to plaque reduction, in addition to other beneficial effects on oral hygiene. There is also evidence emerging that chewing sugar-free gum helps re-mineralize the... Continue reading

eBay Application: The Premiere Mobile Marketplace

It's common knowledge that eBay is a major e-commerce player, but how much do you know about its role in the world of mobile commerce? Unsurprisingly, the mobile eBay application is insanely popular among users. It's not all sunshine and roses for eBay, of course, as Amazon is the undisputed king of mobile commerce, garnering more traffic with its mobile app than even Facebook. Still, eBay has some distinct advantages even over Amazon. The strengths and weaknesses of the eBay... Continue reading

Resistance Bands: Monday Market of the Week

This week’s niche focuses on latex resistance bands, which are often used for physical therapy and light strength training exercises. They are also commonly used by athletes to strengthen and stretch the feet. This is also one of my favorite things to use when I exercise, as it is very handy and easy to keep. And you know what, guys? We actually featured resistance bands almost a year ago as viable niche to sell, and the data provided by SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab just proves there is... Continue reading

The 11 E-Commerce SEO Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Very little is more important to an ecommerce site than its SEO score. Without your help, Google's search spiders will have a hard time finding, indexing, and ranking your site anywhere near the front page of search results.  And beyond the front page lies only one thing: obscurity.  Unfortunately, SEO is a shifting concept, with many variables and fluctuating standards that are even difficult for industry experts to keep up with. In fact, it's quite likely that... Continue reading

How Pinterest Drives Traffic to E-Commerce Sites

Everyone knows that social media is becoming a force to be reckoned with in ecommerce. Everyone isn't quite so knowledgeable, however, about some of the newer players in the game. Pinterest, in particular, is making enormous waves in the world of social commerce. Continue reading

Nanny Cam: Monday Market of the Week

Like most parents, I am not particularly comfortable leaving my kids with strangers, even if they are certified caregivers, but sometimes circumstance will leave you with no choice. How do you help ease your feeling of uneasiness as well as ensure that your kids are indeed in good hands? Although you're away from home, you can now keep a close eye on things with your handy and reliable nanny cam! Using SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab, let’s see just why it would be... Continue reading

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