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Find out Why Dropshipping is the Answer to Expanding Your Online Selling Business

Find out Why Dropshipping is the Answer to Expanding Your Online Selling Business

Self-help gurus may say that your capacity for greatness is limited only by your capacity to imagine it. This may be true for people with self-esteem issues, but the hard fact for online retailers is that their capacity to make more money is dependent on the stock they have available. And it isn't just the quantity that matters, but the right quantity for the right product. You can have stock with a lot of one product that doesn't sell well, which means a loss of capital for you, and not...

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Find out Why Dropshipping is the Answer to Expanding Your Online Selling Business

You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty: Economic Impact of Dropshipping Suppliers in China

If you're especially conscientious about your business practices, you may have searched your conscience about importing products from other countries. After all, when you encourage people to buy imports in your drop ship business, it means fewer people will buy products made in the US. It seems logical to conclude that when enough drop shipping companies are successful, it will have a significant adverse effect on the economy. But is that actually true? Let's find out. Higher... Continue reading

Silicone Adhesive Bra: Monday Market of the Week

The women of today know what they want. When they say, "I want to look good and feel comfortable," they go for silicone adhesive bras. Frankly speaking, not all outfits allow you to wear a traditional bra without showing the dreaded straps. This is why products such as these have become so popular. Not only do they help women look good, but they also enhance their self confidence in social situations. Honestly, I own a couple of these babies and I am pretty much satisfied at how practical... Continue reading

How to Avoid Common Problems with Dropshipping Suppliers

The dropshipping model seems too good to be true when you're first starting out in e-commerce. The truth is, it is not as easy as it sounds. It's true that you never have to worry about coming up with funds to buy inventory, or about not having enough to fulfill your orders, or being overstocked. And having no inventory does take a lot off your mind. The essence of dropshipping is that you “drop” the “shipping” problems on your suppliers' laps! However, your biggest advantage over... Continue reading

Understanding the Impact of Mobile Technology on Online Shopping

There’s no denying that people have embraced mobility in communication. According to SmartInsights.com, there are more than $1.8 billion mobile users worldwide, and 80 percent of them use their devices to search and browse on the Internet. The jump is probably more apparent in a report from Flurry by Yahoo! which shows that, on average, 76 percent more people used their mobiles in 2014, than in 2013. The most popular activities while browsing fell into the lifestyle and shopping... Continue reading

5 Top Options for Online Payment Systems

Things are changing in the online payment industry, and changing fast. The competition for a bigger slice of the market is encouraging start-ups to join the fray and challenge the corporate giants on their own turf. Will the Davids of online payment service beat the Goliaths through sheer flexibility and willingness to take a cut in commissions? It's too early to tell, but there are cracks at the seams, it seems. Here 5 of the more interesting online payment systems around. Some of them... Continue reading

Tax Issues in Drop Shipment

Working in drop shipment in the US can be very lucrative. Even more so if you learn how to maximize the e-commerce side of your entrepreneurial ventures. Part of the appeal is the fact that you have a very large market to cater to. But there is a downside that's common to all businesses in the US: taxes. After all, Benjamin Franklin once said, "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Anyone who lives in the US is aware (and if they're not, they'll surely... Continue reading

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