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Introducing the SaleHoo Market Research Lab


Finding a low-cost wholesale supplier is only half the battle. To really be successful you also need to know if your product will actually sell well.

The SaleHoo Market Research Lab lets you research products and see if they'll make you money... before you buy any stock.

Using a wide range of data we'll show you sales trends, competition stats and ideas for hot new niches.

You'll be able to make your business decisions based on real data... not guessing.



See supply and demand at a glance

See if your product is too competitive
Is this product well-and-truly "discovered" by other sellers? Is there so much competition that it's driving the prices down? We'll give you easy-to-understand competition ratings, so you'll know when to proceed with caution.


Create the best listing possible

Sometimes you can dramatically improve your sales by just tweaking this one little thing!

Which time and day is it best to end your eBay auctions? What's the best listing format for your product? Should you go with an auction, or with a store listing? We'll give you the answer based on sales data for each and every product.




Spot trends

Spot seasonal trends so you can make sure you're getting the most out of hot opportunities.

Our trends graph will also identify products whose popularity is waning, so you don't get stuck with a big load of stock that you can't sell!



Compare product ideas

Not sure which product to choose? Compare up to four different products to find the one with the best prospects.



PLUS find trusted low-cost suppliers

We'll find suppliers for you from the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory so you can click through and get started right away.

All suppliers in the SaleHoo Directory are individually checked and verified by us, so you know you're dealing with a legitimate low-cost supplier.

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